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Carlos Sainz Got His Revenge On Lando Norris During Ted’s Notebook

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Lando Norris did hit Carlos Sainz in the balls earlier today as shown in this video. But after the race Carlos Sainz did have his revenge during Ted’s Notebook. Also watch: Lando Norris Hits Carlos Sainz In The Balls During Interview

VIDEO: Ricky Evans Accidentally Throws One Of His Darts Into The Crowd 🙈

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Ricky Evans made a silly mistake after his match against Dave Chisnall at the European Darts Matchplay today. He lost the game and wanted to give his shafts and flights to the crowd. Accidentally he threw one of his darts including the barrel which got lost now… Ricky Evans respons on social media:

VIDEO: Lando Norris Hits Carlos Sainz In The Balls During Interview

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Earlier today we showed you this video of Daniel Ricciardo hitting Sky reporter Simon Lazenby in the balls. Well, Lando Norris tried to do the same with his teammate Carlos after the race of the Italian Grand Prix. Update: Carlos Sainz got his revenge.

VIDEO: Robert Kubica Started Driving While Crew Was Still Busy

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Robert Kubica’s pitcrew got lucky as they gave him the green light while they were still working on his right front tyre. The Polish driver started driving but realised in time there was still a crewmember in his way.

VIDEO: Watch Hilarious Reaction In Mercedes Garage After Bottas’ Mistake

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Valtteri Bottas had the change to take the victory of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. But the Finish driver made a mistake which resulted in this hilarious reaction at the garage of Mercedes.

Livestream Sunday: Stage Matches England Matchplay, Masters & Classic

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Today, Sunday, the England Masters, England Classic and England Matchplay stagematches will be played. We will bring live footage in the livestream below. Schedule Sunday 8th September 10:30 Men pairs 10:30 Women pairs 11:00 Stage matches England Matchplay England Matchplay Quarter Final Ladies: Maria O’Brien 0-4 Lisa Ashton England Matchplay Quarter Final Ladies: Beau Greaves 4-0 […]

Daniel Ricciardo Hits Sky Reporter Simon Lazenby In The Balls

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You are never safe when you are around Daniel Ricciardo. Remember this moment with Carlos Sainz two months ago. Well, he did it again after qualifying at Monza and this time his victim was Sky reporter Simon Lazenby. It wasn’t the first time though as Christian Horner also had his moment with Simon Lazenby last year.

Massive 10 Cars Crash During Today’s Citroën DS3 Cup Denmark

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The conditions during today’s Citroën DS3 Cup Denmark quickly went worse because of the rain. In one corner they were unable to prevent aquaplaning making them crash with 10 cars. Watch till the end.

Worst Timing For Announcer During Darryl Fitton’s 9-Darter Attempt

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Today Darryl Fitton was on for a 9-darter at the England Classic 2019. But at the worst possible time the announcer took his microphone. He hit 8 perfect darts and was on double 12 when this happened…

VIDEO: New Angle On Alex Peroni’s Horror Crash At Monza

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This morning we saw this horror crash of Alex Peroni in F3. Now there is new footage from a new angle which we show you below.