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VIDEO: Wayne Mardle With Funny Ted Hankey Imitation During Final

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We have all seen this video of Ted Hankey which went viral on internet this week. During the final of the PDC World Championship 2022 Wayne Mardle did this funny imitation.

VIDEO: Scary Incident When Car Runs Over Bike During Dakar 2022

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At the Dakar 2022 there was this scary incident where this car run over a bike. The guy on the bike told the car to continue while he collapsed to the ground…

VIDEO: New Footage Of This Shocking Crash At Spa Ciruit

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The circuit of Spa is currently being changed after some heavy crashes because at the section after Eau Rouge. One of the latest crashes is the one we can show you below with this new footage.

VIDEO: Michael Smith & Peter Wright Being Emotional After Final

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Peter Wright and Michael Smith were both in tears after the final of the PDC World Championship 2022. Watch these emotional moments below.  

VIDEO: Drunk Max Verstappen Giving A Speech At Party In Miami

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At this moments Max Verstappen is having a big party with Saul Alvarez who is a Mexican Boxing Champion. The Red Bull driver clearly had some drinks before he took the microphone and did this ‘speech’. The Dutchman sure knows how to party ?

VIDEO: Emotional Peter Wright In Tears During Interview With Sky Sports

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Peter Wright got very emotional after his semi final win over Gary Anderson. Watch this emotional interview with Sky Sports below.

VIDEO: Peter Wright Aiming For Fly On Dartboard During Semi Final

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During one of the breaks in the semi final Peter Wright stayed on the stage to have some practice darts. When a fly popped up on the dartboard he decided to have some fun. It’s up to you to decide if he wants to scare him or hit him…

VIDEO: Remarkable Moment Between Peter Wright And George Noble

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Peter Wright and Gary Anderson had a remarkable moment when George Noble called the wrong score for Snakebite. He spotted this himself and he tried to correct the referee. But from that point things went even worse when Noble wanted to give Gary Anderson two throws in a row…

Gerwyn Price’s Angry Message After Losing Quarter Final

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Gerwyn Price was not happy with the crowd after the quarter final. He got one supporter removed during the match which is shown on this video and after the match he posted the Instagram message below.

VIDEO: Incident Between Gerwyn Price And Crowd During Quater Final

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During the quarter final between Gerwyn Price and Michael Smith there was this incident. Watch The Iceman picking out somebody in the crowd he wants to get removed. After the game Gerwyn Price posted this angry Instagram message.