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VIDEO: Silverstone Challenge Between Daniel & Lando Goes WRONG

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Before this weekend’s British Grand Prix Sky Sports came up with this challenge for the two McLaren drivers. But things didn’t go as planned hurting Lando Norris… Moment of the incident Full footage Reaction Daniel Ricciardo Reaction Lando Norris

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo Interrupting A Whole F1 Debrief At Alpha Tauri

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Daniel Ricciardo and his ‘Pierreeee Gaslyyyyy’ is becoming a real thing now. Watch the McLaren driver interrupting the Alpha Tauri debrief during one af the latest F1 weekends.

VIDEO: George Russell’s F1 Car Catches Fire at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022

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George Russell was suppose to have a go in his Formula 1 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022. But things didn’t go as planned when his Mercedes caught fire when lining up to get ready.

VIDEO: Great Sportsmanship By Nathan Aspinall Who Corrects Referee

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During the Players Championship 17 there was this moment when the referee called a 180 for Nathan Aspinall but this wasn’t right. The Asp corrected him and showed great sportsmanship. But watch the video till the end as the best part was yet to come.  

Livestream: Romanian Darts Festival 2022

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This weekend the Romanian Darts Festival will be played with the Romanian International Darts Open and Romanian Clasic Darts Open. A total of 236 men and 36 women will battle for the WDF points in this bronze tournament. All the results can be found here and we will bring a livestream below.

VIDEO: Martijn Kleermaker Hits A ‘Bounce In’ 180 In Amsterdam

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During his quarter final of the Dutch Darts Masters Martijn Kleermaker had this special 180 during his match against Dirk van Duijvenbode. Watch him having a bounce out with the last dart but it lands back im turning it into a 180.

VIDEO: ‘Cheeky’ Kasumi Sato Wins Match With 50 Checkout At Bulls-Eye

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During today’s Women’s Series we saw this great way to win the game by Kasumi Sato. The Japanese woman just went for bull’s-eye when she got 50 points left.

Video Footage Of Overijssel Open 2023

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Vincent Kamphuis won the Overijssel Open 2023 by beating Michel Mentink with 5-2. Overijssel Darts Championship 2023 – Heren singles Finale (501/BO9) Vincent Kamphuis (NL) 5 – 2 Michel Mentink (NL) Winnaar € 200,- Runner-up € 100,- Halve finale (501/BO7) Michel Mentink (NL) 4 – 2 Jordy Spanhaak (NL) Vincent Kamphuis (NL) 4 – 3 […]

VIDEO: Zhou Momo Hits Incredible 9-Darter With Bounce Out

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Alright of course it’s no official 9-darter but she did hit 10 perfect darts and have a bounce out at triple 20. Watch this incredible moment during the China Series-A League below.

VIDEO: Marshall Gives Hamilton Blue Flags With Verstappen Behind Him

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We have seen blue flags before for Lewis Hamilton with Max Verstappen lapping him. But this wasn’t the case last weekend during the Canadian Grand Prix as Hamilton hadn’t pitted yet. Was it a habit when this marshall gave Lewis a blue flag…?