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Stephen Bunting Does The Nine-Dart Challenge At World Matchplay

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During the World Matchplay all players get a shot at the nine-dart challenge to raise money for charity. Stephen Bunting is up first trying to get as many points as possible.

Jeremy Clarkson Explains What’s Wrong With Formula 1

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F1 fans have made their complaints pretty clear in recent years, but now it’s Clarkson’s time to voice his opinion on the sport he used to love – what the problems are and what he believes needs to be done to fix them. We’re not so sure about 16 races in one day, though…

Matthew Edgar Trying To Compete At The World Matchplay

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When you want something so bad, you are willing to do anything for it. Matthew Edgar is doing all he can to get the final bit of ranking money to join the 2019 PDC World Matchplay.

Raymond van Barneveld Hits 11 Darter While Wearing A Helmet

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Today Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld played against each other at an event in Holland called ‘De Zwarte Cross’. They were wearing motorcross glasses and helmets while throwing their match but despite that Barney managed to hit a 11-darter with 140, 140, 180 and 41!

Seigo Asada Wins A Leg With 174 Checkout At Phoenix Summer Festival

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During this years Phoenix Summer Festival in Korea we saw some great games of darts. For example we saw Seigo Asada win a leg of darts with a 174 checkout. Yes that is right, a 174 checkout! This happened during a leg of 701. In order to do a 174 checkout in darts the format […]

Watch This Hilarious Episode of MiniDrivers At British Grand Prix 2019

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The British Grand Prix was one of the best races we have seen this season with a lot of action and drama. You can now enjoy watching the highlights of this race in this hilarious episode of MiniDrivers.

Steve Beaton Just Hit Most Crazy Triple 20 We Have Ever Seen

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During the Players Championship 20 we saw Steve Beaton hit an amazing shot. Watch how this dart ended in the triple 20 in the most crazy way we have ever seen.

Watch Michael van Gerwen Racing His BMW On The Nurburgring

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Last weekend we told you Michael van Gerwen went to the Nurburgring to race during track day. As always there are people watching and filming and they also did so last Sunday. One supporter did some research and he claims this white BMW must be Michael van Gerwen. He spotted two moments worth watching showing […]

Peter Wright And Gary Anderson Think Game Is Over AGAIN

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Peter Wright and Gary Anderson played against each other today in the semi final of the Players Championship 19. When Snakebite was at 6-2 they both thought the game was over. They both forgot the semi final is a best of 13 legs… Peter Wright should have known better as this happened to him earlier […]