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Charles Leclerc’s And George Russell’s Truck Race Went WRONG

Earlier we showed you Lando Norris in action in Truck Simulator 2 and now also Charles Leclerc and George Russell went trucking. At first they created a traffic jam which reminded Leclerc’s followers of Monza Q3…  Charles Leclerc: “Everyone on my stream is saying that it looks like Monza Q3” George Russel: “I wouldn’t know mate, […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Shaved His Hair For Charity

Like we already mentioned in this article on Sunday, Lando Norris will shave his hair for charity. He had a bet he will shave his hair when the donations will go over $ 10.000. It ended up being $11,810.58. Lando confirmed he will go 95% bald on Thursday night and we will be able to watch […]