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Lando Norris Got His Hands On Daniel Ricciardo’s Phone

Lando Norris got his hands on Daniel Ricciardo’s phone in Russia today. He went online on Twitter and posted the Tweets we bring you below. A few moments later the truth came out when Lando posted the next message on Daniel’s account. It reminded of this moment when Daniel Ricciardo stole Lewis Hamilton’s phone.

VIDEO: Dangerous Moment In Formula 2 With Zero Visibilty

It’s a shame there was no actual Formula 1 race at Spa last weekend but it was too dangerous with the weather. We already saw awful crashes in Eau Rouge at Saturday during qualifying and the race of the W-series. But also camel straight would become very dangerous with limited visibilty because of the spray. […]

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Max Verstappen And Lando Norris After The ‘Race’

Lando Norris visited Max Verstappen after the race to congratulate him with a ‘great drive’. Watch this funny moment below. Lando Norris: “Great race from you” Max Verstappen: “Thanks mate” Lando Norris: “Unbelievable drive!” Max Verstappen: “Yeah, it was really tough” Lando Norris: “I was catching you” Max Verstappen: “Hehehe” Lando Norris: “Luckily he is […]