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VIDEO: Lando Norris Shaved His Hair For Charity

Like we already mentioned in this article on Sunday, Lando Norris will shave his hair for charity. He had a bet he will shave his hair when the donations will go over $ 10.000. It ended up being $11,810.58. Lando confirmed he will go 95% bald on Thursday night and we will be able to watch […]

Livestream: Wednesday’s Real Racers Never Quit Battle

Tonight Max Verstappen and Lando Norris will be back in action during the second round of ‘Real Racers Never Quit Battle’. We will bring you the official livestream in this article and we also bring you the live onboard footage from Lando Norris and Max Verstappen. The official livestream will start at 8pm GMT but Lando […]

Most Unbelievable Motorsport Crashes We Have Ever Seen

While many motorsport classes have been cancelled or delayed because of the Corona-virus, we take a look at some unbelievable crashes we have seen in motorsport. Althought some are really shocking there are no fatalities in this video. Take a good look at 6:30 as the guy fixes his mirror and just continues… [adrotate banner=”12″] […]