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Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton Having Fun About Spanish Reporter

New released footage shows a funny moment Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton had after their Grand Prix in Canada last year. A Spanish reporter from Graining.es introduced himself when the Ferrari driver came up with a brilliant response. [adrotate banner=”14″] Reporter: “Hi, I am Omar Alvarez representing Graining.es from Spain. My question is…” Sebastian Vettel: “Your […]

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo Buzzing In Background To Annoy Lando Norris

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris will be teammates next year, but already they are having fun in the paddock together. In the paddock after Belgium Grand Prix the Aussie spotted Lando Norris being interviewed and found a way to annoy the McLaren driver. [adrotate banner=”14″] Daniel: “Bzzzzzzzz” Lando: “Is he okay? It’s worrying, huh” 😅 Funny […]

Funny Qualy Team Radio Between Max Verstappen And His Engineer

During Q2 of qualifying Max Verstappen was 0.994 seconds behind Valtteri Bottas who had the fastest time. When the Red Bull driver asked his engineer “how much he was off” he replied “off to what?”. Max Verstappen’s answer was brilliant 😆 [adrotate banner=”14″] Max: ”How much was I off?” Engineer: “Off to what?” Max: “Well, to […]

Two Marshalls Got Run Over By F2 Driver In Baku Today

The Friday in Baku has turned into real chaos as there was a third incident after the drain cover incident and recovery truck incident. This time it happened during Formula 2. Watch how two marshalls got run over by Sean Gelael as he they pushed him back on track. [adrotate banner=”8″] [adrotate banner=”7″]