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Top 5 ‘Never Celebrate Too Early Moments’ In Darts

Nothing is worse than celebrating a checkout which turns out to be wrong. But this even happens to professional players when they play on stage. . We bring you the top 5 moments when this happened in front of a camera. 5. Darren Webster 4. Devon Petersen 3. Adrian Lewis 2. Glen Durrant 1. Benjamin […]

Incident Between Glen Durrant & Gerwyn Price, No Contact After Match

During the first match of tonight there was a moment between Glen Durrant and Gerwyn Price. Duzza wasn’t happy with his opponent’s tactics and told him so during the match. After this incident they didn’t ‘shake hands’ or even had contact after the winning double. [adrotate banner=”14″] Gerwyn Price’s reaction after match UPDATE: Gerwyn Price’s […]

Bizarre Miscount By Peter Wright At Premier League Night

The last darts by Peter Wright at the Premier League tonight were crazy. He was at 57 when it all went wrong for the current World Champion. Watch his bizarre miscount in the video below. [adrotate banner=”14″] IT’S A DRAW! A moment of madness from Peter Wright allows Glen Durrant to snatch a point to […]