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Rare PDC Marker Miscount During Chisnall & De Zwaan Game

We don’t see it often but during the match between Dave Chisnall and Jeffrey de Zwaan there was a rare miscount last night by a PDC marker. Chizzy was on 178 when he hit a 99-score and the digital scoreboard showed 79 left. Despite that Russ Bray calls he has 78 left. [adrotate banner=”12″] [adrotate […]

Daryl Gurney Got Fined For This Incident With Gerwyn Price

During the Premier League last year there was an incident between Gerwyn Price and Daryl Gurney. There were some moments already during the game but in turned into a real incident after the game. Today the DRA has revealed this list of fines and SuperChin got fined 1.500 pounds for the incident we show you […]

When The World Number 1 Goes Shopping For Darts

When you are the World Number 1 and you want some advice and buy some new stuff, you just go shopping. That is what Michael van Gerwen did in New Zealand. Wait for the moment when she finds out he is on the cover… [adrotate banner=”8″] [adrotate banner=”8″]

VIDEO: When Gerwyn Price Was Making Career As Rugby Player

Gerwyn Price is the new World Champion in darts and the current world number 1. But his career started in a totally different sport when he was active as a rugby player before he changed this for darts in 2014. He has been playing for Cross Keys in the Welsh Premier Division, South Wales Scorpions in the Rugby League and […]