Home Autosport Max Verstappen Clinches Victory at Miami Grand Prix, Matching Red Bull’s Victory Record
Max Verstappen Clinches Victory at Miami Grand Prix, Matching Red Bull’s Victory Record

Max Verstappen Clinches Victory at Miami Grand Prix, Matching Red Bull’s Victory Record


Max Verstappen won the Miami Grand Prix, which helped him increase his lead in the Formula 1 drivers’ championship. Despite starting ninth on the grid due to a mistake during qualifying, he managed to secure the victory, matching Sebastian Vettel’s record for the most wins in a Red Bull car. His teammate, Sergio Perez, finished second, and Aston Martin rounded out the podium.

Max Verstappen, a two-time world champion, displayed his exceptional driving skills by surpassing his competitors, despite starting from the midfield. He executed a different strategy than his teammate and drove his car expertly, allowing him to delay his pit stop until lap 45. This move gave him an advantage over his opponents, as he finished the race on faster tires. Following his pit stop, Verstappen closed in on Perez and overtook him with a decisive move in the final ten laps of the race, which ultimately sealed his victory.

He stated that staying on the hard tires for a more extended period made all the difference in his win. Verstappen said that the previous day had been a setback, but they kept it calm and clean on the day of the race. He was thrilled with his victory, especially since he had started from the ninth position on the grid.

Verstappen Leads F1 Drivers’ Championship by 14 Points Over His Teammate
By winning the Miami Grand Prix, Verstappen further widened the gap between him and his teammate, Sergio Perez, by 14 points in the Formula 1 drivers’ championship. Verstappen has been in great form this season, and his victory in Miami was his third win of the year.

Verstappen’s Overtaking Highlights the Race
After a quiet first lap, Verstappen began his ascent up the rankings, making his way past Charles Leclerc and Kevin Magnussen towards the end of lap 3. On the ninth lap, Verstappen climbed up to the fourth position, with his teammate Perez leading the race just five seconds ahead. By the fifteenth lap, Verstappen had impressively narrowed the gap to a mere one second.

At the end of lap 20, Perez made a pit stop to change to hard tires, and Verstappen seized the opportunity to take the lead.

Verstappen’s Strategy Was Key to His Victory
Verstappen’s victory at the Spanish Grand Prix was a significant boost to his F1 Drivers Championship odds. He started the race from ninth place, opting to begin on hard-compound tires, in contrast to the front-runners who started on mediums. His triumph can be attributed, in part, to his alternative pit-stop strategy. Unlike Perez, who pitted on lap 20, Verstappen was able to continue racing until lap 45. This decision enabled him to finish the race on faster tires and gain a competitive edge over his rivals.

Australian Oscar Piastri Struggles With Brake Issues
Verstappen had a remarkable race, but the Australian driver Oscar Piastri faced significant challenges due to brake issues, resulting in him finishing in 19th place. Despite displaying potential throughout the season, Piastri was unable to overcome the brake issues that plagued his car in Miami.

In conclusion, Max Verstappen’s victory in the Miami Grand Prix showcased his exceptional driving skills and strategic planning. The win also solidified his position as the current leader of the Formula 1 drivers’ championship.