Home Darts Michael van Gerwen: “These Stupid Questions Are Just Pathetic”
Michael van Gerwen: “These Stupid Questions Are Just Pathetic”

Michael van Gerwen: “These Stupid Questions Are Just Pathetic”


Michael van Gerwen lost his match against Ian White 4-10 against Ian White at friday at the European Championship. The Dutchman was ofcourse not happy but the Dutch reporter who interviewed it after this match made it even worse and got the number 1 in the world really angry.
Reporter: “I am really wondering what is wrong Michael”
Michael: “Why? I am throwing a 102 average. No, now you are just asking stupid questions”
Reporter: “No, this is no stupid question”
Michael: “Why is there anything wrong when I throw a 102 average”
Reporter: “This is not about the average but the fact you lose 6 legs when you get darts for the double”
Michael: “Yes, sure but I don’t think it is that bad. I think it is a bit pathetic you ask me these questions”
Reporter: “8th of March at the UK Open is the last time you won a big tournament”
Michael: “Did they tell you to ask me different questions? Because normally you are a softy”

Reporter: “I am wondering what can you change?”
Michael: “I just think he played a phenomenal game but you are trying to score points now. Normally you are really soft and this is not you asking me these questions and you know that. I think I am allowed to say that as well. Ofcourse I am fedup I lost but I played a good game.”
Reporter: “I agree with you he played a great game. Maybe his best one against you”
Michael: “And then you are saying things like what is wrong with me and I need help. That makes no sense. If I was at 80, 85, or 90 average I would have said you are right but now you are just trying to score points. I don’t know Arjan, I think this really is pathetic seriously.
Reporter: “Yes?”
Michael: “I don’t know if you got a question from a viewer like ‘Try what you can do with Michael’
Reporter: “Absolutely not”
Michael: “Well, I think it is a shame. I really think so”
Reporter: “Then this is it”
Michael: “Alright”
*walks way angry*