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The Gamblers’ Guide to the 2023/24 Open Betting Season

The Gamblers’ Guide to the 2023/24 Open Betting Season


The leaves are changing colors and the temperatures are dropping – you know what that means! Football season is upon us once again, kicking off the start of another exciting open betting season. For sports gamblers, this is like Christmas morning.

A whole slate of opportunities to bet on your favorite sport and hopefully line your pockets with some extra cash. But where do you even begin? With so many teams, players, and events to choose from, it can get overwhelming for even the most seasoned sports bettor. That’s where this guide comes in handy.

Scoping Out the Landscape
Before you can start confidently placing wagers, it’s important to understand the overall betting landscape. Start by looking at futures odds – these refer to season-long bets like which team will win the championship. Observe which teams are the preseason favorites, take note of any major offseason changes, and assess the strengths and weaknesses across different leagues. This will provide helpful context for evaluating individual matchups as the season gets underway.

Additionally, shop lines and find the best prices. Prices fluctuate across sportsbooks, so line shopping is crucial. Don’t just bet on your favorite sport, bet where you have an edge!

Picking Your Spots
Once you have a broad view of the season, it’s time to identify profitable situations. Look for mismatches, overreactions to early results, or teams/players due for a change in luck. The beginning of a season presents many opportunities like this before the market corrects itself.

For example, a team like the Chiefs may be overvalued early on due to their recent success. Or a player returning from injury may be underestimated until they can prove they’re still elite. Find these spots and pounce before the lines move.

Managing Your Bankroll
A common downfall for bettors is having poor bankroll management. Don’t chase losses or overextend your bankroll on longshot parlays. Have a smart staking plan and stick to it – never wager more than 1-5% of your total bankroll on a single bet.

Patience and discipline are key. Look at betting as a marathon, not a sprint. There will be hundreds of games to bet on over the coming months, so take a measured approach. Slow and steady wins the race!

Riding Momentum
As the season progresses, look to ride hot streaks. Jump on surging teams or players on winning streaks. Similarly, look to fade cold streaks by betting against struggling squads. Momentum is a key factor in sports betting, so pay close attention to who’s heating up or cooling off as you bet on your favorite sport.

The Bottom Line: Adjusting on the Fly
Don’t be stubborn and stick with preconceived notions. As new information comes in, be ready to adjust your betting strategy. If injuries occur, roles change, or you spot a trend, adapt your approach. Betting markets evolve over a season, so you need to evolve along with them.

The open betting season presents a world of opportunities. But with the right gameplan, research, discipline, and adaptability, you can give yourself an excellent chance to come out ahead. So study up, pick your spots wisely, manage your bankroll, ride hot streaks, and adjust as needed. Do all that and this could be your most profitable sports betting season yet.