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Top 5 Crazy Darts Throws Caught On Camera

Top 5 Crazy Darts Throws Caught On Camera


We all have seen some darts players throwing a bit weird. Everybody got their own style but when you see some players doing there thing at the dartsboard it looks like a big act.

In this article we have made a top 5 of what we believe are the most crazy darts throws you have ever seen.
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5. Co Stompé
We start of with Co Stompé. He has a very unique style like nobody else. When you see him shaking his right arm it makes you wonder how much energy each throws costs.

4. Shayne Burgess
The next one is Shayne Burgess. It is almost scary to watch when the point of his darts gets so close to his right eye. It makes darts dangerous on a whole new level.

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3. Petri Korte
While Shayne Burgess almost puts his own dart in his right eye Petri Korte looks like he is protecting his eyes for a possible bounce out. In fact he blocks one eye which means it is impossible to see depth.

2. Unknow guy
We found this footage on the internet of an unknown guy but he certainly deserves to be in this top 5. Whenever he steps to the oche he should make sure there is nothing hanging on the ceiling above him.

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1. Yuya Higuchi
But there can be only one most crazy darts throw ever. It is Yuya Higuchi who deserves this title. It is hard not to laugh when he makes his way to throw his darts.

MUST WATCH! – This is the strangest throwing action you will ever see!

Posted by Darts News on Saturday, 27 May 2017