Home Darts Top 5 Most Bizarre Checkouts Showed By ‘The Sheriff’ Erik Clarys
Top 5 Most Bizarre Checkouts Showed By ‘The Sheriff’ Erik Clarys

Top 5 Most Bizarre Checkouts Showed By ‘The Sheriff’ Erik Clarys


These days we see some new routes on checkouts like more attempts at double-double checkouts. But there is only one King in bizarre checkouts, or should we say one Sheriff.

The Belgium player Erik Clarys was known for his bizarre way of finishing and below we bring you a top 5 of his crazy checkouts.
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Erik Clary’s 24 checkout
Anyone would go for double 12 when you got 24 points left. But not when your name is Erik Clarys. The Belgium player found a new way when he had three matchdarts in hand to beat Andree Welge at the 2002 BDO World Championship.

Erik Clarys’ 55 checkout
When you got 55 points left you can go single 15 and double 20 or single 19 and double 18. But when you are ‘The Sheriff’ you go for a different route. Watch how he went for triple 13 trying to leave his favourite double 8.

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Erik Clarys’ 65 checkout
When 65 is on your scoreboard you can think about going for single bulls-eye or maybe have a shot at triple 11 leaving double 16. We bet Raymond van Barneveld never saw anyone going the way Clarys did in his match against him during the quarter final of the 2003 World Championship.

Erik Clarys’ 85 checkout
When you take a look at a checkout table it will tell you to got triple 15 and double 20 when you are on 85. But of course the Belgium player Erik Clarys thought different and went for bulls-eye with his first dart.

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Erik Clarys’ 121 checkout
When you’re on a 121 checkout you probably start on 20 like most of the players do. Erik Clarys found his own way which might look strange trying to hit triple 17 followed by triple 18. But when you give it a good thought, it does make sense when your opponent isn’t on a checkout yet.