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Unique Things You Can Bet on in Sports

Unique Things You Can Bet on in Sports


Did you know you can bet on when the world will end? Technically, it is a problematic bet. That’s because if you’re correct, then you won’t need the money. Still, this is a popular bet at popular sportsbooks.

Another odds thing you can gamble on is the presence of life in other planets. This is arguably a better wager than predicting the end of the world. This is because scientists are constantly working on finding proof about aliens.

If you’re a sports fan, you don’t have to limit yourself to match winners. As you’ll learn below, there are other unique and often profitable things to bet on at sportsbooks like XL-BET.

1—Double Chance

Conventionally, predicting a match winner comes with two major risks. The team you think will win could lose or draw. Double chance bets help you solve the issue of a draw, especially in football.

At betting sites, a double chance wager looks like this—1X or X2. As such, you can bet on the home team to win or draw. Alternatively, you can back the away side to draw or win.

The main benefit of this bet is that it increases your chances of winning. Let’s say league leaders Manchester City are facing fourth-placed Tottenham City away. Spurs have home advantage but City is the better team.

Owing to that backdrop, there’s a chance the game could end in a win for City or a draw. To increase your chances of winning, you can place a bet backing the Citizens to win or tie.

In case you’re wondering, the biggest disadvantage of a double chance bet is that it attracts poor odds. With a match winner, City might have 1.50 odds to win away. With a double chance, the odds could be 1.20.

2—Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Also known as a goal-goal bet type, this prediction challenges you to predict whether two teams will both score in a game. It’s mostly popular in football but can also apply to hockey and a few more sports.

When should you bet on Both teams to score? If it’s a game between two high-scoring sides, then it’s a good time to apply this prediction. All you need is to look at each team’s form, players and recent performance.

If one team has been keeping clean sheets while playing against bottom 10 sides, then you can bet on BTTS (No) when scheduled to face another out of form club. Usually, BTTS bets attract decent odds, making it one of the best unique bet types in football.


This sports prediction works in almost every major sport, from basketball and American football to cricket and tennis. Basically, it challenges you to predict the total number of points or goals in a match.

You don’t need to predict the exact number. In football, you can bet on whether a

game will end in Over or Under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 or 4.5 goals. In basketball, you can wager on OV/UN 200 points while in tennis totals can be OV/UN 4 sets.

Why should you bet on totals? You can use sports data to predict the average number of points, goals or sets in a game. For example, Bayern Munich regularly outscores weak teams by 3+ goals. This means you can comfortably back the Bavarians to win a game against 15-placed Stuttgart by three or more goals.


Spread betting is arguably the most preferred wager type in North America. In Europe, it’s mostly known as handicap betting. It involves giving an advantage or a disadvantage to a team on paper.

Let’s say high-flying Boston Celtics have a game against out of form Charlotte Hornets. Everyone expects Boston to win. So, backing the team in a money line wager will attract poor odds.

With spread betting, bookies can give Charlotte an advantage of 7.5 points. If you choose Boston to beat the Hornets in a spread betting, it has to win by 7.5+ points for you to make money.

If the Celtics win 100 against 95 points, you’ll lose your bet. But if they win 100 against 92 points, you win. Usually, handicap bets have great odds, which can help to maximize your profits.

5—Number of Cards

In most sports, making a foul or any other offense can prompt the referee or match umpire to show you a yellow, red or green card. Usually, cards are meant to

warn players against committing more offenses. But they can also be used to eject the player.

The bottom line: you can bet on the number of cards match officials produce in a game. To win, you need to perform some research to discover how often a specific referee shows cards. Then you have to find out how often players in the two teams playing get shown cards.

Note: card bets are categorized as proposition wagers. They are based on pure luck. This means the chances of winning the prediction is low. But this also means the potential profits are high.

6—Corner Bets

Corner bets are fairly obvious. You bet on the number of corners won in a game. You can predict the number of corners won by one side or both teams. Usually, football games attract in excess of 10 corners.

Similar to card bets, corner bets are all about luck. If you choose to place this prediction, bet using money you can afford to lose.

7—Regular Prop Bets

Proposition bets come in all forms and shapes. Some of them are easier to predict than others. For example, there’s a fair chance you can predict that Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane will score in a Liverpool game

But predicting the league winner at the start of the season can be a tad more difficult. That said, below are the most popular prop bets in 2022:

  • First team to score
  • First player to score
  • Player of the match
  • Half-time/Full time winner
  • Method of victory in MMA & Boxing
  • Coin toss in American football

As we mentioned earlier, don’t be quick to bet on prop bets unless you want to do it for fun.