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Upcoming sporting events to look forward to in the new year

Upcoming sporting events to look forward to in the new year


At the time of the writing of this article the new year is only a couple of days old. Even if the world of sports took a much needed break after what was the craziest world cup final ever, it’s slowly starting to wind back up again. For sports fans, 2023 will bring a lot of different things to look forward to.

In this article, we are going to share about some of the most anticipated sporting events this year. It is likely you are already aware of the majority of these events, but it can be fun to get a refresher of what there is to come. Most of these events will be available to bet on using a platform like RebelBetting or the like, something that can add a little bit of extra excitement.

Six Nations Rugby
Six Nations Rugby is the biggest event at the start of the year for rugby fans. Even if it’s only six countries competing in the tournament the emotions and excitement are hard to come by in any other sporting event. If you’re someone who has never had much interest in Rugby, this might be the perfect opportunity to watch some games and see if this sport interests you.

The Champions League play offs
The Champions league is the absolute pinnacle of club football and always produces some incredible matches. Will Messi be able to add another Champions League win to his resume? How will the underdogs perform? There is much to look forward to when it comes to the Champions League, because there is nothing quite like it.

The Masters
The Masters is the most prestigious out of all Golf tournaments, and it’s held annually in Augusta, Georgia. Winning the Masters does not only come with a big monetary prize, but the status and legacy a golfer will receive for the rest of their life makes this tournament incredibly popular to follow.

The women’s World Cup
The women’s World Cup is being played from the 20th of July to the 20th of august in Australia and New Zealand. The women’s World Cup is becoming more and more popular with every iteration of the tournament, and the entertainment continues to get better and better. The USA are as usual the favorites, with several other countries hoping to give the Americans a run for their money.