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VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Caught Luke Humphries Lying On Camera

Last weekend the Promi WM Darts 2024 was played in Germany and Luke Humphries and Michael van Gerwen were among the players. The Dutchman caught the current PDC World Champion lying when this happened behind the scenes. *Luke Humphries throwing several times when he finally hit a 180* Chris Tall: “First attempt and right away […]

VIDEO: Van Gerwen’s & Humphries Reaction On Incident On Stage

During the match between Michael van Gerwen and Luke Humprhries there was this incident between the two of them. After the match the Dutchman said what happened as Humphries accused him of coughing on stage. Michael van Gerwen’s reaction Michael van Gerwen: “He said: ‘Why did you cough?’ I coughed once but sorry he was […]