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Charles Leclerc’s Girlfriend Had Same Crash Into Sebastian Vettel

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Last weekend was drama for Ferrari as Charles Leclerc crashed into his teammate Sebastian Vettel taking out both cars. It wasn’t the first time we saw this as Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend did exactly the same weeks ago during an online battle. Listen to Charles’ reaction as well…

VIDEO: 14 Year Old Kid Beats Michael van Gerwen On Stage

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He is only 14 years old but it seems he has a bright future ahead of him. It turns out he got no nerves, even when he plays against the world number 1 on stage. Watch this incredible footage of Ben Mccaffrey against Michael van Gerwen. Video will appear in 5 seconds

16-Year-Old Max Verstappen Had This Incident With Nicholas Latifi

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Last weekend we saw this little incident between Max Verstappen and Nicholas Latifi in Austria. It wasn’t the first time they had a strong battle as they also did in race 3 at Homestead back in 2014. Watch how a 16-year-old Max Verstappen beats Nicholas Latifi by 0.004 seconds in a remarkable fight to the […]

Rob Cross Hits 9-Darter In Semi Final Against Mensur Suljovic

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Rob Cross managed to hit a perfect leg in his semi final against Mensur Suljovic during day 4 at the Summer Series. He did this in the sixth leg when he was 3-2 up and went for a way to checkout 141 you don’t often see. Below we show you the footage.

Valtteri Bottas Gave The Middle Finger In Austria Last Weekend

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Valtteri Bottas was in a fight with Max Verstappen when he came along some drivers who were a lap behind. As they were in a battle themselves as well they didn’t move away quick enough for the Mercedes driver. He was especially angry with one of the Alfa Romeo drivers who recieved the middle finger.

Max Verstappen To Nico Hulkenberg “Hey Wanker, How Are You?”

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These days Nico Hulkenburg is an analyst for the german broadcaster RTL during a weekend of Formula 1. The driver who was active for Renault last year had a small talk with Max Verstappen after the race in Austria today. The Red Bull driver had a special message for him as well. At the moment […]

Kimi’s Engineer Fell Asleep Towards End Of The Race, Kimi: “Hello?!”

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The second Formula 1 race in Austria was boring according to many but in the end of the race there was some exciting action. Kimi Raikkonen’s engineer fell asleep in the meanwhile or was busy watching some battles as he didn’t hear his driver yelling on the radio. Kimi:”Is this last lap?” *silence* Kimi: “Hello?!” […]

Kimi Raikkonen Walks Away During Another Classic Interview Today

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Before the second race of the Grand Prix of Austria all drivers were interviewed. Kimi Raikkonen is always great in interviews and today was no different.

Watch Robots Bringing Trophies After F2 Race In Austria Today

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After qualifying of Formula 1 the race of F2 got delayed because of more bad weather. But when it finally went on there was a great race with a special podium ceremony. Because of the Corona restrictions they came up with an unique way to hand over the trophies by robots. We might see this […]

Kimi Raikkonen’s Angry Reply To His Engineer After Red Flag Incident

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Kimi Raikkonen was one of the drivers who had to go to the stewards because he didn’t went into the pitlane when there was a red flag. Below we show you this moment when he should have went into the pitlane but it turned out to be ‘a f*cking mess‘… Engineer: “Red flag, red flag, […]