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Watch Max Verstappen Pushing Estaban Ocon Backstage

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Max Verstappen pushed Estaban Ocon backstage after the Brazilian Grand Prix. During the Grand Prix Verstappen was leading the race when they both collided when Ocon did an attempt to unlap himself. 2691

Verstappen & Ricciardo Having Fun Driving Interlagos Blindfolded

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Enjoy one of the last Red Bull promo’s of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. This time it was up to Max Verstappen to drive around interlagos blindfolded with Riccardop telling him how to drive. Click ‘CLOSE’ to watch the video. 308

Pierre Gasly Almost Crashed Into One Of His Crew Members

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Pierre Gasly asked for more space when he entered his pit crew and this video shows why. 75

Sebastian Vettel’s Hilarious Team Radio During FP2 Brazil

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Listen to Sebastian Vettel’s team radio during Free Practice 2 of Brazil: “There’s something loose between my legs… apart from the obvious. Something flying around my feet. I’d be proud if it was what you think it is, but it’s not!” Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1) op 9 […]

RED FLAG: Hard Crash By Nico Hulkenberg During FP2

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During Free Practice 2 there was a red flag incident involving Nico Hulkenberg who crashed hard in the border. 293

Watch Virtual Onboard Lap of Vietnam Grand Prix 2020

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The track of Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 is a streetcircuit which makes it impossible to show in real time. But someone created the track in Assetto Corsa and showed his onboard footage online. 447

Kimi Raikkonen’s Hilarious Interview In Brazil

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Will Buxton had a hilarious interview with Kimi Raikkonen in Brazil. Enjoy!   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1) op 8 Nov 2018 om 8:39 (PST) 816

Remember Glen Durrant Celebrating Missed 105 Checkout In Final

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Last weekend we saw Benjamin Pratnemer celebrating winning a tournament too early, twice! But guess what, it wasn’t the first time we saw this happening. Remember Glen Durrant in the final of the Poker Stars Open earlier this year? Even the 2 times World Champion was celebrating a missed 105 checkout for the win! Luckily we […]

Remember This Awesome Match At Grand Slam of Darts 2009?

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While Lisa Ashton didn’t get a chance to make it to the Grand Slam of Darts 2018 we did see some ladies participating in the past. We would like to show you a game between Anastasia Dobromylsova and Vincent van der Voort to see how awesome it could be when ladies join men. 427

Remember Kimi Raikkonen Got Lost During Brazilian Grand Prix

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During the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2012 Kimi Raikkonen got lost when he went off track in the 52th lap op the race. He later said he knew a shortcut which he used back in 2001 as well. Kimi Raikkonen: “Where I went off you can get back on the track by going through the […]