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VIDEO: Big Crash During This Weekend’s Truck Race At Hungaroring

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During this weekend’s truck racing at the Hungaroring there was this big crash. He crashed right through the barrier which is not built to stop massive vehicles like these trucks.

Most Memorable Penalty Kicks In Fооtbаll History We Have Ever Seen

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The most memorable penalty kicks in fооtbаll history we have ever seen.

The 180 Sound of ‘Referee’ Fallon Sherrock During Online Darts League

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We have seen many different referees in darts but Fallon Sherrock as a caller is a new one. She took the microphone during the Online Darts Live League and we bring you her sound of a 180.

VIDEO: Onboard Footage of Horror Crash by Felix Rosenqvist In IndyCar

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During today’s race in IndyCar there was this crash by Felix Rosenqvist who went hard into a concrete wall after his throttle stuck open. He is taken out of his car and taken to the hospital.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Racing Against Speedboat In Miami

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Miami will joing the calender of Formula 1 next year. Red Bull shot a cool promo including a fight between Max Verstappen in his Red Bull and a local speedboat.  

VIDEO: Mervyn King Set World Record With Most 180’s In A Row

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Mervyn King is the record holder of a remarkable world record. During the Las Vegas Desert Classic back in 2008 he managed to score four 180’s in a row during an official match on television. We haven’t seen this again since then.

VIDEO: How Every Driver Passed The Double Yellow of Verstappen’s Incident

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Max Verstappen went into the wall after a tyre failure on the main straight of Baku. Despite this very dangerous place where they go over 300 km/h the safety car wasn’t deployed immediately. All drivers raced by close to the Red Bull as shown in the video below.

VIDEO: Max & Lewis Joking About Moving Rivalry To Fighting In Box Ring

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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were asked about their opinion on the rivalry in the media between Toro Wolff and Christian Horner. Together came up with a brilliant solution… Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1) Interviewer: “What is your opinion on the rivalry between Toto Wolff and Christian Horner […]

VIDEO: Mercedes’ Rear Wing Flexing As Much As Red Bull’s In Baku

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Mercedes is talking about protesting against Red Bull’s flexing rear wing. During today’s Free Practices the rear wing of Mercedes was flexing as much as the one of Red Bull.

VIDEO: Bizarre Airborne Karting Crash On Narrow Track

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During this kart battle on a very narrow track things went completely wrong. Watch this guy making a flip in his kart…