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VIDEO: Michael Smith Hits 9-Darter During Charity Livestream

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Michael Smith set up a charity livestream giving his fans the chance to play a game against BullyBoy. All money would go to NHS, National Health Service. During this livestream he hit a 9-darter which we can show you below. He also had another great achievement during this livestream which we will show you later. […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Shaved His Hair For Charity

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Like we already mentioned in this article on Sunday, Lando Norris will shave his hair for charity. He had a bet he will shave his hair when the donations will go over $ 10.000. It ended up being $11,810.58. Lando confirmed he will go 95% bald on Thursday night and we will be able to watch […]

Watch Gerwyn Price In Action In His Career As Rugby Player

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These days Gerwyn Price is the number 3 of the world in darts. But his career only started 6 years ago as he was active as a rugby player before he changed this for darts in 2014. He has been playing for Cross Keys in the Welsh Premier Division, South Wales Scorpions in the Rugby League and Glasgow Warriors in […]

VIDEO: Devon Petersen & Luke Humpries Close To 9-Darter Last Night

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Last night the PDC organised a tournament called ‘Darts At Home’. Devon Peterson, Matthew Edgar, Luke Humphries, Chris Dobey and Ted Evetts battled in a round robin format. We bring you two highlights of last night as Devon Petersen and Luke Humpries got close to a 9-darter. Luke Humphries 9-darter attempt Devon Petersen 9-darter attempt 606

Max Verstappen & Lando Norris Having Fun Roasting Each Other

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Max Verstappen had a terrible night in iRacing when his pc crashed while he was on his way to start of the grid. Later he had contact with Lando Norris when they had fun roasting each other. Below we bring you this funny clip. Don’t forget to tune in in time tonight to watch Lando […]

Livestream: First Tournament of ‘PDC Darts At Home’

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The PDC brings a livestream from the home of 5 PDC players. Devon Peterson, Matthew Edgar, Luke Humphries, Chris Dobey and Ted Evetts will battle in a round robin format. Watch these matches live below. Also watch: Devon Petersen & Luke Humpries Close To 9-Darter Last Night Livestream Latest standings 1075

Can You Beat Michael Smith And His Son In This 30 Darts Challenge?

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Michael Smith and his son came up with a new idea called the ’30 Darts Challenge’. You team up and throw a total of 30 darts and count all points. Of course you can also have a go when you are alone. Can you beat Bully Boy and his son who scored 1,025 points? 927

Matthew Edgar Breaks World Record Most Points Scored In 60 Seconds

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Matthew Edgar set himself a target to beat a world record during his days in quarantine. When he went through the Guinness Records Book he decided to go for the highest dart score record in just 1 minute. This current record is set by Dutchman Leon Walraven with 608 points. Below we bring you footage […]

VIDEO: Last Lap Incident Between Max Verstappen & Daniel Juncadella

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Max Verstappen won both races of round 4 in ‘RealRacersNeverQuit’ last night. But it wasn’t easy as he had this incident for the lead with Daniel Juncadella during the last lap. Right after that moment Juncadella said the Red Bull driver needed to be penalized but after rewatching the footage he changed his mind and said […]

Wright, Cross & Durrant Team Up Trying To Beat 1,567 Points Record

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Daryl Gurney, Michael Smith and Gerwyn Price started this Challenge for charity with a score of 1,393 points. Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Nathan Aspinall beat this score with a new record of 1,567 points. Now Peter Wright, Rob Cross and Glen Durrant teamed up to have a go trying to beat this record. 1332