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VIDEO: Great Moment Between Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton After Race

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The British Grand Prix ended in a battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen towards the finish line. The Red Bull driver was only 5 seconds away from Hamilton when he won the race on three wheels. Unseen onboard footage show a great moment between them right after the race.

Lando Norris ‘Enjoying’ A Beer Before The British Grand Prix

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Before the British Grand Prix Channel 4 had an interview with Lando Norris. They handed him a non alcoholic beer but he clearly didn’t enjoy it: “That is disgusting!”

Dimitri van den Bergh Beats Phil Taylor With 10-Darter On Bulls-Eye

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Dimitri van den Bergh won the Phil Taylor Trophy at the World Matchplay 10 days ago. It reminded darts commentator John Gwynne of a moment between Van den Bergh and Taylor at a demo tournament. Watch The Dreammaker beat the 16 times World Champion with a 10-darter on bulls-eye in the sudden death leg of […]

Funny Moment Between Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo After Race

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Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo had a fights on track at Silverstone and they had a funny moment after the race. Watch Lando Norris surprising him by smashing his teammate for next year on his helmet. Turn your sound on: *BONK*

Daniel Ricciardo’s Reaction When He Found Out He Won The Bet

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Earlier this weekend Daniel Ricciardo made a bet with ZiggoSport reporter Jack Plooij. If the Renault driver would finish at P6 or better he will get the watch of the reporter, if he would not make it into the top 6 Ricciardio will hand his watch to the reporter. Daniel finished P4 and met the reporter […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Spotted At McDonalds After British Grand Prix 😁

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Lando Norris celebrated his P5 at Silverstone today with a visit at McDonalds. He was spotted parking his McLaren sports car and we believe he ordered a happy meal 😁 The first video was posted after the race in Carlos Sainz’ official Instagram Stories.

Kimi Raikkonen’s Uncensored Angry Team Radio During Safety Car Moment

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Kimi Raikkonen wasn’t happy this weekend as we showed you with team radio #1  and with this team radio #2 . During the race he had another moment with his engineer when they told him to ‘box, box’ but they changed their mind when he was entering the pitlane… Also watch: Kimi Raikkonen Angry Team Radio […]

Remarkable Message From Jehan Daruvala’s Race Engineer In Formula 2

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Jehan Daruvala asked his engineer for an update during today’s race in Formula 2. He didn’t get the response he wanted as he got a remarkable message… Jehan Daruvala: “Can you give me an update on the race?” His engineer: “Just f**king drive fast!”

Kimi Raikkonen Angry Team Radio On ‘That F#cking Renault’

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We already had this angry team radio by Kimi about his teammate but he also wasn’t happy with Ocon and his ‘f#cking Renault’. Watch this moment and his team radio below. Also watch: Kimi Raikkonen’s Uncensored Angry Team Radio During Safety Car Moment

Michael Van Gerwen Shows Crazy Exhibition Leg At ‘Night of Champions’

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Michael van Gerwen showed an incredible leg of darts at ‘Night of Champions’. Watch how he started the game with an impressive score and he ended the game with an even greater checkout.