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VIDEO: King Calls Van Gerwen A Twat And Is Unhappy With His Celebrations

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It was a thriller between Michael van Gerwen and Mervyn King who played a close battle in the Players Championship Finals. It wen’t to a deciding leg which was won by the Dutchman who showed some big celebrations. The King clearly wasn’t a fan of these celebrations as he showed mutliple times during this game. […]

Valtteri Bottas Had This 3 Wheel Change Pit Stop During Today’s Race

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It is something you don’t often see but Mercedes decided not to change 1 tyre on Valterri Bottas’ car during today’s Bahrain Grand Prix. Watch the footage below when they didn’t change his front right tyre during one of his pit stops.

Funny George Noble Miscount Moment With Peter Wright’s Score

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During the match between Peter Wright and Michael Smith had a funny miscount moment. Wright noticed this in his next visit and showed the referee the digital scoreboard showing the correct score… 😅

Lando Norris’ Team Radio When A Guy Entered The Track

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Lando Norris got angry on the teamradio when a marshall run over the track in front of his car.

VIDEO: Horror Crash by Romain Grosjean in Bahrain

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During the first lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix there was this bizarre horror crash with Romain Grosjean. The Haas driver got out of the car and told his team he is oke.

VIDEO: Verstappen’s Banter Moment With Hamilton During Press Conference

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Max Verstappen had a funny moment with Lewis Hamilton again during the press conference after qualifying of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver saw Lewis Hamilton drifting on the Pirelli prototype tyres on Friday and this turned into the banter moment below. Max Verstappen: “At least you have been driving the prototype tyres, […]

TRICKSHOT: This Guy Hits A 180 Throwing His Darts Backwards

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We have all tried to throw a few dart backwards but most of us will be happy when the dart actually makes it into the dartboard. This guy took it to next step and actually managed to hit a 180 this way.

It Would Be Nice Goals If They Were Scored

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Sometimes you see moments which look impossible not to score. Well, think again…

Sebastian Vettel Singing ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ After Red Flag FP2

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During Free Practice 2 of the Bahrain Grand Prix there was again a dog which entered the track like we saw in Turkey 2 weeks ago. Sebastian Vettel noticed this and started singing ‘Who let the dogs out’ on the radio.

Lewis Hamilton Had This Remarkable Moment In Today’s Press Conference

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During today’s press conference for the Bahrain Grand Prix there was this remarkable moment when Lewis Hamilton got a question about the salary cap. F1 reporter: “Formula 1 is discussing a salary cap for drivers and Franz Tost said recently that drivers shouldn’t earn more than 10 million a year and you should be happy […]