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Top 10 Richest Darts Players With Highest Career Earnings

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Darts can make you earn big money these days. But who has made the most in his career so far? We take a look at the top 10 richest darts players with the highest career earnings.

Who Is Fastest Around Barcelona: Ferrari 2002 vs Ferrari 2020

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Ferrari is having a hard time in Formula 1 but at the same time F1 has become a lot faster in the last years. What would happen if the F1 Ferrari from 2002 would compete with the F1 Ferrari from 2020. Who would be faster around the circuit of Barcelona? Let’s find out.

VIDEO: Watch Bizarre Trickshots We Have Seen In Darts

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We have seen some bizarre trickshots in darts and below we bring you 7 of them. Enjoy!

Who Is Fastest at Suzuka: Formula 1 vs Super Formula

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The Grand Prix of Japan will be back in October for the Formula 1 2021 season. They will race at the Suzuka Circuit just like the Japanese type of formula racing named Super Formula. This top level of single-seater racing in Japan looks like Formula 1 but can they keep up with F1? Let’s see who […]

VIDEO: Brilliant Move By Max Verstappen In BMW SIM GT Cup

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Max Verstappen was back in action in a sim race last night. He competed in the BMW SIM GT Cup and showed a brilliant moment to help his teammate. Max Verstappen is driving the orange car in the lead and his teammate was in 3rd in the blue car when they had this smart move. […]

VIDEO: Dakar Truck And Helicopter Collided During Dakar 2021

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We see all cool footage of the Dakar but these helicopter shots almost turned into a big drama. Watch how a helicopter of the Dakar organisation with a camera collided with a Dakar truck when he jumped over a hill.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen On His Most Embarrassing Moment In Formula 1

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Max Verstappen has had many brilliant moments in his Formula 1 career so far but he also had some embarrassing moments. We all remember his crashes in Monaco but according to himself his most awkward moment happened during the Grand Prix of the US in 2016. First we listen to the Red Bull driver talking about […]

Top 10 Most Funny Penalty Kick In Football

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We bring you the top 10 of the most funny penalty kicks in football.

VIDEO: World Champion Gerwyn Price Also A Pro In Crossbar Challenge

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Gerwyn Price is the current World Champion in darts and a former Rugby player. But it turns out he also got skills for soccer when he was challenged for a game hitting the crossbar.   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Een bericht gedeeld door HouseOfDarts (@houseofdarts) He didn’t only compete in the Crossbar Challenge […]

Baily Harper Becomes Youngest Ever To Hit A 9-Darter At 11 Years Old

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Baily Harper is the youngest darts player to hit a 9-darter at the age of only 11 years old. He is a member of the Staffordshire Darts Academy who published this news on their social media. He did hit this perfect leg during a practice session. Youngest 9-darter official game The youngest player ever who hit […]