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Livestream: PDC Home Tour Playoffs 8

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Today the group 8 of the PDC Home Tour Playoffs will be played. We will see Jonny Clayton, Scott Waites, Max Hopp and Carl Wilkinson in action. The winner of tonight will make it into the semi final group of this tournament and you can watch this online for free with this PDC livestream. Schedule Home Tour […]

Watch Romain Grosjean Crashing 4 Times During Online Battle

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We all know the young guys in Formula 1 spend a lot of time with simracing at home. But they are not the only one as Romain Grosjean also joined in an online battle named the ‘Sports Car Open — 6 Hours of the Glen’. During this 6 hours race Romain Grosjean started with his […]

Most Crazy 9-Darter Attempt By Peter Manley Over 20 Years Ago

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Michael van Gerwen managed to hit some crazy 9-darters these days including one with bulls-eye and one without a 180. But the most crazy perfect leg would have been on Peter Manley’s name already 20 years ago if he completed the attempt we show you below. We bring you back to the World Matchplay of 1999 […]

Charles Leclerc Showing His Ballet Moves When Girlfriend Plays Piano

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Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend was playing the piano when she got photobombed by the Ferrari driver showing his Ballet skills in the background. It was captured on tape and posted in her Instagram stories and we show you the footage in the video below. He better sticks to his day job as a Formula 1 driver…

Lando Norris Burning Down Ferrari With Charles Leclerc On Headset 🔥

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Last night Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc and some other guy were playing online when they started burning Ferrari down. Charles Leclerc was listening but kept silence when they just kept going on and on about Ferrari’s drop off at the Circuit of the Americas during last years American Grand Prix.  Other guy: “How does that […]

VIDEO: Fallon Sherrock Beats Paul Nicholson With A 10-Darter

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During the Icons of Darts League last night Fallon Sherrock faced former PDC top 16 player Paul Nicholson. The Queen of the Palace was 3-2 in the lead when she produced some magical darts beating The Asset with a 10 darts leg. Below we show you footage of this incredible last leg by Fallon Sherrock. It wasn’t […]

The Sound of A Formula 1 Car Going 300 KM/H Through A Tunnel

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The sound of a sports car sounds even better when you drive it through a tunnel. So what would it sound like if you take a Formula 1 car and speed it up to 300 km/h through a tunnel? That’s exactly what Red Bull thought when they strapped in David Coulthard to take the RB7 […]

Scott Mitchell Wins Game In Style With Exhibition Bulls-Eye Checkout

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During the Icons of Darts League yesterday it was Scott Mitchell who did beat Andy Jenkins in style. At 3-3 it all came down to the last leg and it was ScottyDog who finished it with a great exhibition shot on the bulls-eye as we show you below.

Top 10 Funniest Busts Scores In Darts On Stage

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We have all been there busting a score by mistake. But it also happens to the big names in darts and it’s not just hitting the wrong double by mistake. Watch the top 10 most funny busts scores we have seen on stage. 10. Dirk van Duijvenbode When it comes to busting a 180 score […]

Lando Norris Lost It When Watching Guenther Steiner Diss Track

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We already showed you Lando Norris enjoying the ‘Seb Vettel Song‘ but now he also found the Guenther Steiner diss track. Watch the McLaren driver laughing to tears when he enjoys another song by Sim Dane.  If you like this video you can watch the full Guenther Steiner Diss Track below. Also watch: Lando Norris Watching […]