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VIDEO: Penelope Is Back And Giving Max Verstappen A Massage

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When Max Verstappen is not on the track he likes to do sim racing and this week this was no different. What we have seen before happened again and that is Penelope entering his room and seeking for attention.

VIDEO: Jarred Cole Hits Best Checkout Of The Year 2023

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We have seen some great checkouts but this one by Jarred Cole is the best one of this year.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen “We Want To Win At Suzuka With 20 Seconds Lead”

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Max Verstappen has all faith this was a just a one off where the Red Bull was having such big problems at Singapore. For next week the goal is clear, he wants to win with a 20 seconds lead.

VIDEO: Footage Of Sergio Perez Crashing Into Alexander Albon

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Sergio Perez has to go to the stewards after the Singapore Grand Prix. The reason is this moment he had with Alexander Albon. Watch the footage from the last lap below which has not been broadcasted on television. Albon

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen’s Kids Run To Daddy On Stage After Victory

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In Amsterdam Michael van Gerwen had two special supporters in the crowd. Watch his kids running into the stage after his victory against Dimitri van den Bergh.

VIDEO: Aubergine Incident During Game Van Duijvenbode & Noppert

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During the game of Dirk van Duijvenbode and Danny Noppert at the World Series of Darts there was this incident in the first leg. Someone from the crowd misbehaved and threw something on stage. After the game Danny Noppert explained it was an aubergine and he got hit by a small part when it broke […]

VIDEO: Nice Moment Between Max Verstappen & Liam Lawson After Qualifying

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Liam Lawson managed to go to Q3 as the only Red Bull driver including beating Max Verstappen by 0.007 seconds. This made the World Champion go out in Q1 but despite that there was this nice moment after qualifying.

The Gamblers’ Guide to the 2023/24 Open Betting Season

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The leaves are changing colors and the temperatures are dropping – you know what that means! Football season is upon us once again, kicking off the start of another exciting open betting season. For sports gamblers, this is like Christmas morning. A whole slate of opportunities to bet on your favorite sport and hopefully line […]

Michael van Gerwen (17) & Martin Adams Perform ‘Best Game Ever Seen’

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We go way back in time to show an incredible game between Michael van Gerwen and Martin Adams. This happened at the International Darts League 2006 and was called the ‘best game ever seen’ by many. A week before this game Michael van Gerwen was only 16 years old but he wasn’t impressed playing Wolfie. […]

VIDEO: Adam Hunt Hits 63 Checkout In A Way We Can Not Describe

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During today’s MODUS Super Series there was this moment by Adam Hunt which we have never seen before. Watch him throwing a 63 checkout in a way we can not describe.