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Ridiculous Leg of Darts: Lewis Mirrors Every De Zwaan Visit

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Last year during the World Matchplay we saw an incredible match between Jeffrey de Zwaan and Adrian Lewis. Especially the ridiculious leg which we show you below was one you won’t see every day. 893

Nico Rosberg Pulled Over By Cops While Driving McLaren Senna

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Nico Rosberg got the chance to drive the McLaren Senna at e F1 track in France. But it turned out not to go as planned as he got pulled over by the cops. To make it worse he couldn’t find the registration papers of the car… 1412

Peter Manley Was So Close To Greatest 9 Darter Ever

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We have seen many great 9-darters in the history of darts, but the attempt by Peter Manley back in 1999 was one we haven’t seen since his attempt. It would have been the greatest 9-darter ever as he was going for a double double perfect leg. 1684

Michael van Gerwen Beats Phil Taylor On Stage in Holland

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We already posted this article earlier this week of Phil Taylor beating Raymond van Barneveld. Last night it was the third and last episode of Kings of Darts in Holland and this time there was also a match between Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor. The Dutchman managed to win this final match with 9-4. […]

F1 2019 Drivers Salaries

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The drivers line-up for 2019 is known for weeks now, but now we can also bring you their 2019 salaries. Guess what the top 3 is before you watch the video. 442

Gerwyn Price Got Punished For These Grand Slam-Incidents

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De DRA has decided Gerwyn Price needs to pay 21.500 pounds of fines for his incidents at the Grand Slam of Darts. This is 8.000 pound for the incident in the quarer final with Simon Whitlock, 12.000 pound for the incident in the final with Gary Anderson en 1.500 pound for his posts on social […]

Watch Footage of PDC Awards 2019 in London

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Last night was the PDC Awards 2019 and all winners are shown here. Footage of this night is shown below with all PDC players dressed like you never saw before.   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Een bericht gedeeld door Raymond van Barneveld (@raybar180) op 21 Jan 2019 om 1:20 (PST) 113

Premier League Players Hilarious Episode ‘Take One For The Team’

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In a few weeks the PDC Premier League Darts will start the 2019-season. We all can’t wait for this to start but we are also looking forward to the challenges offstage. We like to remind you of this hilarious episode we saw in the past. 809

Phil Taylor Beats Raymond van Barneveld With Class Average

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Last night we saw Phil Taylor back in action at the Kings of Darts in Holland. At this demo tournament we saw Phil Taylor play against Raymond van Barneveld. The tournament has no video footage as this is not allowed but we do have some pictures including some stunning legs from The Power and Barney. […]

Watch Schumacher Against Vettel In The Race Of Champions 2019

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On Saturday Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel were one team for Germany. A day later they competed against each other and we bring you this battle below. In the end it was the local hero Benito Guerra who won the Race of Champions in front of all Mexican fans. Below we bring you the final […]