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VIDEO: High IQ Moments In Football

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We bring you some of the smartest moments we have even seen in football. Watch these high IQ moments below.

VIDEO: Adam Hunt Hits 63 Checkout In A Way We Can Not Describe

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During today’s MODUS Super Series there was this moment by Adam Hunt which we have never seen before. Watch him throwing a 63 checkout in a way we can not describe.

VIDEO: Krzysztof Ratajski Hits This 9-Darter But It Doesn’t Count

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Last weekend the German Open Darts was played and this was won by Krzysztof Ratajski. He played the final against Stephen Bunting and hit a 9-darter on stage. However this did not count as this were his practice darts 😅

VIDEO: How Max Verstappen Reinvented Schumacher’s Driving Style

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Max Verstappen has a really distinctive driving style, and it reminds this a lot of how Michael Schumacher drove. They have been comparing their onboards, and it’s shows something very interesting.

VIDEO: Jenson Button About Hamilton’s Comment On Verstappen’s Teammate

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Jenson Button gives his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton’s comments on Max Verstappen’s teammates. The Mercedes driver recently said Verstappen never had a teammate as good as the teammates he had during his career. Button also explains what he believes is the reason Max Verstappen is so much better then his teammates with the Red Bull […]

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Hits 9-Darter Against Michael van Gerwen

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During an exhibition game by MDA events there was this game between Gerwyn Price and Michael van Gerwen. The Iceman managed to hit a 9-darter.

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price FINED 1,000 Pounds For This Moment

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Gerwyn Price is one of the people on the DRA list who got fined. The Iceman had to pay 1,000 pounds because of this moment with Michael van Gerwen at the Queensland Darts Masters.  

The Biggest Winnings on Football Bets: Stories of Incredible Luck

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Football, the beautiful game, is not just about goals, victories, and heartbreaks on the pitch. It’s also about the thrill and excitement it brings to fans who are willing to take a chance on their favorite teams. Long-shot bets, with their astronomical odds, hold a special allure, promising incredible winnings to those who dare. In […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Taking Revenge On Journalist In Press Conference

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During the press conference after qualifying at Monza there was this moment between Max Verstappen and a journalist. At Spa Max Verstappen was fastest but because of a penalty Charles Leclerc got pole according to the statistics. . Carlos Sainz mentioned he counts the pole to Max and when a journalist did the same later […]

VIDEO: Nice Moment Between Carlos Sainz And Max Verstappen At Monza

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After the drivers briefing at Monza 2023 there was this wholesome moment between Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen. The Ferrari driver forgot his cap when he walked out and he was waiting to get back in the room. But there was one driver who spotted this and took his cap for him.