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VIDEO: Hilarious Moment Kimi Raikkonen During Today’s Press Conference

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Kimi had another funny moment during today’s press conference at the Eifle Grand Prix. He was asked how he keeps temperatures in his tyres and as always Kimy had a classic answer.  

VIDEO: Van Duijvenbode’s Awkward Moments In Match Against Suljovic

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Dirk van Duijvenbode did beat Mensur Suljovic with an average of only 72.98. But the most awkward things happened on stage when the Dutchman accidentally took a drink from Suljovic’s water and when he wanted to shake hands with the referee team after the game 😅 

VIDEO: Hilarious Moment Between Michael van Gerwen & Wayne Mardle

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Michael van Gerwen did beat Ratajski in the first round of the World Grand Prix. In the second round he will face Devon Petersen which resulted in a funny moment he had with Wayne Mardle after his game. Watch this hilarious moment below. Wayne Mardle: “Now you’ve got Devon Petersen next” Michael van Gerwen: “He […]

VIDEO: Ratajski Celebrating Because Van Gerwen Missed A Double

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Michael van Gerwen and Krzystof Ratajski played each other in the first round of the World Grand Prix. The Polish Eagle was so happy when Michael van Gerwen missed a double in the third set he actually celebrated this big time. Wach this remarkable moment below.

VIDEO: Nascar Mechanic Gets Hit By Another Truck, Still Continues His Job

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During the Nascar Truck series mechanic Kyle Warner got hit but still continued his job. Watch the footage from his Go Pro camera on his helmet.

VIDEO: Alan Warriner Hits World Record Average At World Grand Prix

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Tonight the World Grand Prix 2020 will start and this is the only televised tournament played double in and double out. When we take a look at the highest averages ever at this tournament we see 5 times Phil Taylor and 3 times Michael van Gerwen in the top 10. But the holder of the […]

VIDEO: Bizarre Footage Driver Throwing Kart Bumper At Competitor

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Bizarre footage from the final race of the FIA KZ World Championship in Italy today. Driver Luca Corberi got so furious he took the bumper of his kart and waited for his competitor to pass by and throw it at him. Crazy! This crazy behaviour didn’t stop there as he again found his opponent after […]

Van Barneveld Might Already Play The Upcoming PDC World Championship 2021

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Raymond van Barneveld announced his comeback as a professional darts player and his target is to get a Tourcard at the PDC Q School in January. At this moment Barney is training 5 days a week and he said during a Dutch interview he sees an opportunity to be back at the upcoming PDC World […]

Lando Norris Speaking Dutch Words: Kaas, Peperkoek & Speculaas

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Lando Norris has a mother from Belgium and he does speak some Dutch words. Recently he showed he can count 1 to 20 with a Flemish accent and this time he shows his knowledge of Dutch food: Kaas, peperkoek & speculaas.

VIDEO: Guy Throws A 9-Darter With 170 Checkout On Camera

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A perfect leg is special but we have never seen a 9-darter with a 170 checkout. Untill now, because the guy in the next video managed to hit perfection including the Big Fish. Incredible!