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VIDEO: Lando Norris Making Fun Of Lewis Hamilton Getting Pole

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Lando Norris got close to pole position in Imola but it was Lewis Hamilton who got the pole. The McLaren driver watched the footage of this qualifying and made fun of Hamilton. Watch this moment below 😬 Lewis Hamilton’s engineer: “That’s it mate! Wow! Look at the time!” Lando Norris [sarcastic]: “Wow, a Merc is on […]

VIDEO: Van Gerwen & De Sousa Hit Incredible 14 Perfect Darts In One Leg

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Last night Michael van Gerwen and Jose de Sousa played an amazing match in the Premier League of Darts. The Dutchman started the game with a great checkout on the bull which we would like to show you first. But it wasn’t only Van Gerwen who played brilliant because Jose de Sousa also showed some […]

De Sousa’s Exhibition Shot Goes Horribly Wrong Against Van Gerwen

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Tonight Michael van Gerwen will face Jose de Sousa in their match at the Premier League of Darts. Will The Special One make a big mistake again like he did two years ago when he tried a 120 exhibition shot against the world number 1? Watch this hilarious shot going completely wrong. Ouch!   It […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Joking On Why He Went Off Before Restart

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Max Verstappen had a moment before the restart at Imola and the Red Bull driver joked about this during the press conference. Listen to the reason for this moment off track. Max Verstappen: “Then I had my moment in the restart. Haha, that was a big one. It was some secret tyre warming going on […]

Kimi’s Reaction After Getting Hit By Debris Of Bottas/Russell Crash

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Kimi Raikkonen was right behind Valtteri Bottas and George Russell when they crashed at Imola. Watch the onboard footage from Kimi’s car and listen to his team radio… Engineer: “Yellow where you are” Kimi Raikkonen: “Yeah, I got sprayed with all kind of f#cking sh*t”

Hamilton & Verstappen Disagree On Turn 1 Incident During Press Conference

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During the press conference after the Grand Prix of Imola Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were asked about what happened during their turn 1 incident. They clearly had a different view on this moment as they discussed after the race. Max Verstappen: “I don’t think we touched” Lewis Hamilton: “We did” Max Verstappen: “We touched?” […]

VIDEO: Moment Between Verstappen And Hamilton After Qualifying 😅

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It was very close between Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen who were all within 0,0 seconds. After qualifying there was this moment between the Red Bull driver and the Mercedes driver…

VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Funny Moment During Press Conference

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Max Verstappen was frustrated with his P3 at Imola today but despite that he didn’t lose his sense of humour. Watch this moment during the press conference after qualifying in Italy. Max Verstappen: “In Q3, the final run, I just didn’t have a good lap. I went off in turn 3 with two wheels. I mean […]

VIDEO: Krzysztof Chmielewski Hits Epic Three-Double Checkout

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Double double checkouts are getting more common these days but Krzysztof Chmielewski takes it to the next level. Watch this special visit by the Polish player who is nicknamed The Joker.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Singing Lando Norris’ Friday Song 🎤

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We all know Lando Norris is a great singer on the team radio, especially on a Friday 😉 Max Verstappen also enjoys the same music as we can show you below.