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Watch Worst Pit Stop Ever Seen in Formula 1 History

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We all remember the terrible pit stop of Daniel Ricciardo in Monaco and recently the one of Lewis Hamilton in Austria. But there is one pitstop which was much worse. Watch the pitstop by Esteban Tuero and his team Minardi in Argentina in 1998. 5642

VIDEO: Got 95 points left and 1 dart in hand. How to leave 40?

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We have all been in a situation like this one. You got one dart in hand and got 95 left, what way do you go? Well, there is a way to leave 40. Just watch the video below. 7933

Peter Wright Shows His House Including His Man Cave

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This time we bring a visit at Peter Wright’s home in Mendham in England. The Scottish player doesn’t only shows us his house but he also let us enter his man cave. You can now watch how The Snakebite lives at home. 7361

Camera Man In Darts Has Other Things On His Mind

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When you are a camera man in darts you watch the same shot at the dartboard all day long. So when there are walk on girls it is easy to get distracted. But you are a professional so you just do your job and stay focussed. Right? 😅 3119

Formula 1 Car vs Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

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Formula 1 is fast but a Bugatti Veyron got a topspeed which is over 400 km/h. What would happen if they would race each other in a drag race? Let’s find out! 3563

Watch Michael van Gerwen Hit A Never Before Seen Checkout

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During a night at the Ostee Darts Gala Michael van Gerwen played a match against Marcel Scorpion on stage. The number 1 in the world showed an exhibition shot we had never seen before from 47. 13853

VIDEO: Valtteri Bottas Reacted On Sebastian Vettel’s ‘Jump Start’

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New footage from the grand stand shows Valtteri Bottas reacting on Sebastian Vettel’s ‘jump start’. It makes you wonder if the Mercedes driver had a jump start as well or it made him do the perfect start? Slowmotion 13532

Watch Peter Wright’s World Record Match With 123.50 Average

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Peter Wright managed to hit a new World Record today averaging 123.50 in his match with Krzysztof Ratajski. With this average he did beat the old record of Michael van Gerwen who had 123,40 in his Premier League match with Michael Smith. Below we show you the new world record of highest average ever broadcasted. 10394

Valtteri Bottas’ Message: “So for them I can say “F*ck You!”

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Valtteri Bottas had some words for people who claim he normally don’t perform in the second half of the season. For them he has one message: “F*ck you!” 2253

Fire Alarm During Today’s Quarter Finals At Players Championship

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During the quarter finals of today’s Players Championship there was a strange moment when the fire alwarm went off. Watch this moment during the game between Peter Wright and Arron Monk. 886