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Lando Norris Reached $10K Donations For Charity And Goes BALD

Last night Lando Norris was raising money for charity with his Twitch-livestream. He promised he would go bald when they reach to 10,000 dollar which all goes to Stream Aid 2020, a charity stream intended to raise money for COVID-19. Below we show you the moment this became reality when someone donated the last $700 anonymous. This would […]

Guy Beats Lando Norris For P4 And Finished In Style In Reverse

Last weekend the official virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain was held as a replacement for the Bahrain Grand Prix which was scheduled tot take place. Lando Norris and other professional drivers competed in this race which was won by AlphaTauri’s Cem Bolukbasi. The Dutch simracer Jarno Opmeer had a finish in style which wasn’t broadcasted but […]