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Charles Leclerc’s And George Russell’s Truck Race Went WRONG

Earlier we showed you Lando Norris in action in Truck Simulator 2 and now also Charles Leclerc and George Russell went trucking. At first they created a traffic jam which reminded Leclerc’s followers of Monza Q3… [adrotate banner=”8″]  Charles Leclerc: “Everyone on my stream is saying that it looks like Monza Q3” George Russel: “I wouldn’t […]

Charles Leclerc’s Priceless Reaction On A Flashback To Baku

Charles Leclerc had a funny moment when he crashed at the Baku City Circuit tonight. It was exactly the same crash like he had during qualifying of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2019. Best of all is the pricelles reaction by the Ferrari driver. [adrotate banner=”12″]  Charles Leclerc: “Does that remember you some parts of last […]

Lando Norris Entered The WRONG Pit Lane During Charity Race

During the charity battle #RacefortheWorld Lando Norris made a silly mistake by entering the wrong pit lane. It is the pit lane they used during his F2 career which explains this remarkable moment. [adrotate banner=”12″]  It also reminded us of this moment by Kimi Raikkonen during the weekend of the Brazilian Grand Prix back […]

Charles Leclerc: “Matt Gallagher To Ferrari 2021 Confirmed”

Last weekend Charles Leclerc raced in the #NotTheGPSpa and he teamed up with Matt Gallagher from WTF1. This all happened before the news of Sebastian Vettel leaving Ferrari was announced by Ferrari. Would Charles Leclerc already got the news last weekend? Listen to him ‘confirming’ his new teammate in Matt Gallagher 😉 Ferrari might think again as he […]