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Top 10 Funniest Busts Scores In Darts On Stage

We have all been there busting a score by mistake. But it also happens to the big names in darts and it’s not just hitting the wrong double by mistake. Watch the top 10 most funny busts scores we have seen on stage. 10. Dirk van Duijvenbode When it comes to busting a 180 score […]

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Playoffs 3

Today the group 3 of the PDC Home Tour Playoffs will be played. We will see Gary Anderson, Nick Kenny, Luke Humphries and Jamie Lewis in action. The winner of tonight will make it into the semi final group of this tournament and you can watch this online for free with this PDC livestream. Schedule Home Tour […]

Top 10 Non Televised 9-Darters Caught on camera

We have seen many 9-darters live on television but there are also great perfect legs caught on tape which never been broadcasted. This includes a 9-darter by Phil Taylor in soft tips, two 9-darters by Co Stompé and the youngest player ever recorded throwing a 9-darter at the age of 13. Today we take a […]