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Adrian Lewis and William O’Connor Water Incident On Stage

During this weekend’s International Darts Open there was a surprise for Adrian Lewis when he entered the stage. William O’Connor didn’t give The Jackpot water which doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. But when asked why it turned out he was advised by Peter Wright to do so and Lewis wasn’t happy. “When he […]

Top 16 Rarest Things That Happened In A Darts Match

We have seen many strange things in the history of darts. We show you 16 of the rarest things that happened during a darts match. 1. Three bulls- eyes in a visit (00:00) 2. Two bustst in a row (00:10) 3. Two 170 checkouts in consecutive legs (00:41) 4. Crazy bounce outs (1:15) 5. Crazy […]