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Incredible 9 Perfect Darts By Lisa Ashton

Two weeks ago Fallon Sherrock hit this 10 darts leg to beat Paul Nicholson at the Icons of Darts League while Martin Adams hit this 9-darter a few days later. But for a woman to hit a 9-darter live on camera, we still have to wait. Although it wasn’t a 9-darter, Lisa Ashton did manage to […]

Top 10 Moments Darts Players Missed The Dartboard

During the lockdown you might not have touched your darts for weeks as there is no competition. When you get back on playing darts you might have problems with your first darts but it shouldn’t be too hard to at least hit the dartboard. And when you does miss the board just realise you are […]

Can You Hit 1,000 Points In This JDC Challenge?

These days many pro players have a shot at the JDC Challenge and the current record is 2,309 by Alan Soutar. We dare you to have a shot as well with the easy calculator in this article. Round 1: Shanghai 10-15 – You get 3 darts on each number and you need to hit as […]