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Livestream: BDO British Classic & British Open

This weekend the BDO British Classic and British Open will be played. We will bring you live footage from these tournaments with the livestreams below. Schedule Friday 20th Sep: British Open Men & ladies pairs Saturday 21th Sep: British Classic Men & ladies singles Sunday 22nd Sep: British Open Men & ladies singles Livestream BDO […]

Adrian Lewis and William O’Connor Water Incident On Stage

During this weekend’s International Darts Open there was a surprise for Adrian Lewis when he entered the stage. William O’Connor didn’t give The Jackpot water which doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. But when asked why it turned out he was advised by Peter Wright to do so and Lewis wasn’t happy. “When he […]

Top 16 Rarest Things That Happened In A Darts Match

We have seen many strange things in the history of darts. We show you 16 of the rarest things that happened during a darts match. 1. Three bulls- eyes in a visit (00:00) 2. Two bustst in a row (00:10) 3. Two 170 checkouts in consecutive legs (00:41) 4. Crazy bounce outs (1:15) 5. Crazy […]