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Top 5 Bizarre Crashes by Romain Grosjean With Haas

Romain Grosjean has been pretty prone to crashes throughout his F1 career. Some of those in the last 4 years with the American Haas team are really unusual on F1 tracks… Crashing in the formation lap, under safety car or inside the pit lane are part of Grosjean’s accidents with Haas, as well as high-speed […]

Watch First Footage Of Lewis Hamilton & Valentino Rossi Swap

This week Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi did swap their car and bike. Below we bring you the first footage of Lewis Hamilton on the Yamaha MotoGP and Valentino Rossi in the Formula 1 Mercedes. Also watch: Lewis Hamilton’s & Valentino Rossi’s First Reaction After Ride Swap Full Video: Lewis Hamilton & Valentino Rossi Swap […]

Top 10 Pissed at Kevin Magnussen Team Radio’s

Kevin Magnussen is known for his aggressiveness on track and never making his opponents’ life easy. For this reason, he is probably not the guy other F1 drivers love most in the paddock. Here is the top 10 of radio messages from F1 drivers blaming or pissed at the Haas’ danish during the last three […]