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VIDEO: Maria O’Brien Falls Off Stage During Walk On At Lakeside

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During her walk on things went completely wrong for Maria O’Brien. She fell off the stage…

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Lewis Hamilton And Valtteri Bottas

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After Free Practice in Melbourne there was this funny moment between former teammates Lewis and Valtteri.

VIDEO: Veronika Ihasz Breaks World Record At Lakeside For Women

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During today’s afternoon game between Veronika Ihasz and Beau Greaves we saw the highest checkout ever in a Women’s World Championship.

VIDEO: Aero Screen Saved A Life During IndyCar Crash At Texas 2022

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New footage show what happened after the crash at IndyCar at Texas. A tie rod from Jack Harvey’s wreck who crashed into the wall could have caused a fatal accident if the aero screen wasn’t there. Luckily all it did now was knock the vent hose off the top of Callum Ilott’s helmet.

VIDEO: Funny Moment During Record Breaking Match By Richard Veenstra

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Richard Veenstra set a new all time record at the Lakeside with an average of 104.91. During this same game there was a moment when the Dutchman did miss something else though…

VIDEO: These Goals Are Worth Watching Again

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We bring you some incredible goals which are worth watching again.

VIDEO: Jules van Dongen Having A Hardstyle Walk On At Lakeside

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Last night Jules van Dongen had a walk on like Dirk van Duijvenbode going wild with a hardstyle song. The American player is originally Dutch so that might explain his taste for this music.

VIDEO: Cameron Menzies Goes CRAZY After His Match At Lakeside 2022

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Cameron Menzies won his match against Ian Jones this afternoon and went completely mental after the last double. Fallon Sherrock is his girlfriend and even she looked embarresed by his reaction as you can see in the video below. Part 1 Part 2

Are You Good Enough For The Lakeside? Score 1,000 Points In This Game!

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At this moment the Lakeside 2022 is being played as the WDF World Championship 2022. Do you think you are good enough to enter that stage yourself? Prove it with this game and score 1,000 points. . The challenge is easy and you only have to throw at the bulls-eye. A single bulls-eye is worth […]

VIDEO: Comedy Moments In Women’s Football

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We bring you the funniest moments in women’s football in the video below.