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Max Verstappen Had A Special Message After This Crash In A Lotus 79

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Max Verstappen has been driving old Formula 1 cars the last days. Although these cars were dangerous to drive back in the days you can go flat out during an online battle. In the end the Red Bull driver crashed his Lotus 79 on purpose… Max Verstappen’s crash in replay  Max Verstappen: “Oh my […]

Arron Monk Hit A 9-Darter At Icons of Darts Live League

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Arron Monk played an incredible match today during the Icons of Darts Live League. He played against James Hubbard and won with an average of 108.34. But the best part was his last leg as he finished the game wih a 9-darter.

Match Was Stopped By A Phone Call For Luke Humprhies Last Night

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Last night there was an issue during the match between Luke Humphries and Joe Murnan. While Humphries was throwing for the match he got a phone call…

David Evans 9-Darter Attempt Turned Into A NIGHTMARE

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Last nigth during ‘A Night at the Darts’ David Evans was close to perfection in leg 4 against Jason Askew. Evans was 3-0 down but he was about to make a comeback with this 9-darter attempt. But in the end it all turned into a big nightmare… David Evans’ 9-darter attempt

Should Charles Leclerc Have Been Penalized For This ‘Torpedo Move’ On Alex Albon?

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Charles Leclerc won the virtual Grand Prix of China but it wasn’t easy for the Ferrari driver. At first he had bad luck with his pitstop which lastest long because he had to wait for other cars to pass. This costed him a massive 3 seconds in time as we show you below. Charles Leclerc’s […]

George Russell Takes Revenge On Lando Norris Watching Too Much ####

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Lando Norris likes to joke around with his Formula 1 friends while playing online games. George Russell often is one of his victims of Lando’s trash talk, just like during their race at Spa. But during a race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Lando Norris had problems with his PC and so George Russell saw his […]

Priceless Look On Charles Leclerc’s Face After This Moment With Lando Norris

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During a battle with Lando Norris it was Charles Leclerc who managed to pass him. It was a nice move on the McLaren driver but the best part was yet to come. Charles Leclerc overtaking Lando Norris  Because of this fight Lando Norris got penalized with a two second time penalty. Take a close look […]

You Got A Regular Dartboard. How To Checkout 501 In Just 4 Darts?

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These days you see all kind of challenges on social media. We also got one for you but this one is darts related. Challenge: You got a regular Wimau Blade 4 dartboard. How to checkout 501 in just 4 darts? This is how:

VIDEO: Luke Woodhouse Hits A 9-Darter Live On Darts At Home

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During night 2 of Darts at Home Luuk Woodhouse hit a perfect leg against Gerwyn Price. Below we bring you footage of his 9-darter. What makes it extra special is he did it without hitting a 180. He went 177, 177 and a 147 checkout. In the end he did beat The Iceman 5-0 with […]

Lando Norris & George Russell Taking The Piss Out Of Each Other

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During an online battle at Spa Lando Norris and George Russel were having fun taking the piss out of each other. Best part was when they got asked what tyres they were on and of course Lando had a ‘hard on’….  Lando Norris: “You have a hard on?” George Russel: “Disgraceful” Lando Norris: “George, […]