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VIDEO: Mervyn King Beats Beau Greaves With FOUR 180’s In A Row

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Last weekend we brought you this footage of Beau Greaves hitting a 174 leg average during game at the Dutch Open. Not only is this a better average than when you hit a 9-darter but this was also the first time we saw a lady throwing three 180’s in a row on camera. There are […]

VIDEO: Peter Wright Lost It And Had Enough After Throwing Just 1 Dart

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Peter Wright isn’t in his best form at the moment and he decided to get rid of all his darts and stick to just one set. We have heard this before but he says this time it is for real. Many doubt he will keep his promise is he is having a hard time and […]

VIDEO: Van Gerwen Going Back On Stage To Congratulate Toby Bunting

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Stephen Bunting won his first PDC major this weekend beating Michael van Gerwen in the final of the Masters 2024. After the match, the Dutchman showed himself to be a gracious winner by returning to the stage when he noticed The Bullet’s son. It had been 10 years since the Englishman won his last televised […]

VIDEO: Rob Cross And Luke Humphries Incidents With Referee At The Masters

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During the Masters, a moment occurred on Saturday between Rob Cross and Kirk Bevins. The referee was not pleased with an action from Voltage, as seen in the footage below. Rob Cross was warned for this incident and got away with it, with all his thrown darts still counting. However, this was a different story […]

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price & Martin Schindler Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors For Win?

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Durint day 1 at the UK Open 2024 there was this funny ending to the game between Martin Schindler and Gerwyn Price. Are they playing a gameof rock, paper, scissors for the win?

VIDEO: Beau Greaves Hits 174 Leg Average During Dutch Open 2024 Match

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During the pairs game between Beau Greaves/Jo Rolls and Aileen de Graaf/Anca Zijlstra there was this bizarre moment by Beau Greaves. She managed to throw the best leg of darts ever caught on camera by a woman with 174,00 leg average. This moment occurred during the quarterfinal where she partnered with her doubles partner against […]

Livestream: Dutch Open Darts 2024

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In the weekend from 1st February till 4th February the Dutch Open 2024 will be played in the Netherlands which is the biggest darts tournament in the world. We will bring live footage from the Bonte Wever in Assen all weekend in this article from Friday till Sunday. Sunday afternoon

VIDEO: Ferrari Making A Fool Of Themselves With This Pit Stop Promo Video

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Ferrari got a lot of reactions on this pit stop promo video they posted online. They even managed to do a slow pitstop with an error on the left front tyre and they call it ‘Poetry in motion’. It turns out this was the best pit stop of all takes which makes it painful to […]

VIDEO: Luke Littler Did This Trickshot During Premier League Debut

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Luke Littler played his debut game at the Premier League against Luke Humphries. During this rematch of the PDC World Darts Championship the 17 year old showed one of his trickshot to take a 3-1 lead. Luke ‘The Nuke’ also secured the first victory for a debutant in the Premier League in a decade. He […]

VIDEO: First Game Between Michael van Gerwen And Phil Taylor (2007)

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Last weekend Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor played their last battle against each other. This time we like to show you their first match which they played at the Masters of Darts back in 2007. They played a thrilling game in best of 5 sets and we bring you the highlights of this amazing […]