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VIDEO: Max Verstappen Making Fun Of Lewis Hamilton Again

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During the off-season of Formula 1 Max Verstappen is enjoying his life in simracing. When someone tells him about two cars going through cops corner the Red Bull driver can’t help himself making fun of Lewis Hamilton. A day later there was this funny moment when Penelope scared Max Verstappen when he was fully concentrated […]

VIDEO: Brian Raman Surpised Everybody And Introduced New Checkout

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This week Brian Raman is playing at the MODUS Super Series and the Belgium player introduced a new checkout. The commentators, his opponent and the referee had to take a good luck as they never saw this route before.

VIDEO: Professional Darts Players Having A Throw With World’s Smallest Darts

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At the MODUS Super Series there was this challenge to play with the World’s smallest darts. Watch Tony O’Shea and his friends having a go with these darts.

VIDEO: Deze Dame Vind Zichzelf Te Knap Om Te Daten Met Een Darter

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Tijdens een aflevering van First Dates geeft een dame aan zichzelf te knap te vinden voor een darter. Darten vind ze voor ‘dikke lelijke mannen’.   Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken   Een bericht gedeeld door First Dates NL | ☰ BNNVARA (@firstdatesnl)

VIDEO: Despite 9-Darter And 170 Checkout People Talk About This Littler Moment

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Luke Littler didn’t touch a dart since the finale of the PDC World Darts Championship as he went on holiday with his family. But he still managed to hit a 9-darter, 170 checkout and tournament win against Michael van Gerwen in the final.

VIDEO: What Reynaldo Rivera Does Here Against Gerwyn Price Is NOT Allowed

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The second match of the Bahrain Darts Masters 2024 was a game between Gerwyn Price and Reynaldo Rivera. The player from the Philippines does not have much experience on the big stage and this turned into a moment which is not allowed. He was allowed to have the first practice darts and when he walked […]

VIDEO: Luke Littler Showed A Succesfull 111 Exhibition Bull Bulll Checkout

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At the PDC World Darts Championship 2024 Luke Littler tried to hit a 111 checkout in his own way. It didn’t work for him at that moment but we can now show you his exhibition 111 bull bull checkout as he did manage to hit this at the MODUS Super Series.

17-Year-Old Michael van Gerwen Bullying His Sister, But She Takes Revenge

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Michael van Gerwen likes to mess around, as all his professional darts colleagues are well aware. We found some footage from back in 2006 when Michael van Gerwen was just 17 years old. A Dutch TV station visited him at home. Watch him teasing his younger sister, but make sure to watch until the end […]

VIDEO: Steve West And Michael Warburton Play Darts Without Shafts & Flights

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We bet you have never seen a game of darts like the one you are about to watch. Steve West and Michael Warburton were challenged to play a game of darts with no flights or shafts and this is what it turned in to. It made us think about Mervyn King who can play darts […]

VIDEO: Ron Meulenkamp Set New World Record At Bulls-Eye Challenge

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Earlier we showed you Danny Lauby smashing the world record in the Bulls-Eye Challenge. This time it was up to Ron Meulenkamp who is a slow player but the Dutchman still did the incredible thing by setting a new world record on highest number of bull’s per dart. Earlier, we showed the lightning-fast Danny Lauby […]