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VIDEO: Trolls And Fails Of Sexy Female Referees

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We bring you a compilation 0f trolls and fails of sexy female referees. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Jarred Cole Hits Best Checkout Of The Year 2023

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We have seen some great checkouts but this one by Jarred Cole is the best one of this year.

Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen Being Friends For 7 Minutes Straight

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were fighting for the championship till the last lap in 2021. During that season tension was running high between the two of them but despite everything that happened they really respect each other. Watch Lewis and Max being friends for 7 minutes straight in the footage below.

VIDEO: Aubergine Incident During Game Van Duijvenbode & Noppert

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During the game of Dirk van Duijvenbode and Danny Noppert at the World Series of Darts there was this incident in the first leg. Someone from the crowd misbehaved and threw something on stage. After the game Danny Noppert explained it was an aubergine and he got hit by a small part when it broke […]

VIDEO: Vettel Speaks Nice Words About Verstappen After Breaking His Record

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Sebastian Vettel was the record holder of 9 wins in a row in Formula 1 until Max Verstappen broke this record at Monza. The former Red Bull and Ferrari driver spoke some nice words about the Dutchman who set the record at 10 wins in a row.

VIDEO: George Russell & Max Verstappen Having Fun During Press Conference

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During the press conference after sprint qualifying in Qatar there were these funny moment between George Russell and Max Verstappen. Watch the highlights between these two in the footage below. George Russell: “I have had no tracklimits but two races ago I crashed into the wall and lost the podium so…” Max Verstappen: “You went […]

VIDEO: Hilarious Response By George Russell & Charles Leclerc After This Moment

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During the press conference after qualifying in Singapore there was this reporter who made the drivers smile. Listen to his comment and the response by George Russell and Charles Leclerc.

VIDEO: Fernando Alonso Runs Over Lizzard During Free Practice Singapore

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We have seen birds being hit by Formula 1 cars in the past but this time it was a giant lizard which could not have been avoided by Fernando Alonso.

VIDEO: Callan Rydz Had To Play With Just 2 Darts After Snapped Point

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As a professional player you always have to bring extra darts to a game. Callan Rydz just learned this the hard way when he snapped one of his points and had to continue with just 2 darts…

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen (17) Against Phil Taylor In Their First TV Battle

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We bring you back to 2007 when Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor had their first battle on TV during the Masters of Darts. They played a game in best of 5 sets and all sets went to a deciding leg. . Below we bring you the highlights of this incredible game. Michael van Gerwen’s […]