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VIDEO: Russ Bray Playing A Game Of Darts On Stage Ally Pally

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Russ Bray used to be on stage as a caller but for once he entered the stage to play a game of darts. Watch him competing in a 9 darts challenge with YouTuber Behzinga.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Was About To Leave Stage During Set 7

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During the 7th set there was this awkward moment with Michael van Gerwen who thought the set was over and he was about to leave the stage. Watch his surprised reaction when he heard the referee saying ‘It’s Michael Smith to throw first’. The Dutchman came back, grabbed his darts back out of his case […]

VIDEO: Nice Moment Between Van Gerwen & Smith After The Final

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After the final of the PDC World Darts Championship 2023 there was this nice moment between Van Gerwen and Smith. Watch this moment in the video below.

VIDEO: Bizar 9-darter By Michael Smith After Van Gerwen’s Attempt

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We have seen an incredible 9-darter by Michael Smith in the same leg as Michael van Gerwen missed one at double 12. Watch this insane moment in the video below which is the best leg of all time.

Van Gerwen FUMES At Reporter: “What A Stupid Questions, Get Your Facts Right”

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After the semi final between Michael van Gerwen and Dimitri van den Bergh there was this incident. During the interviews after the game a reporter got this awkward conversation with the Dutchman.

VIDEO: New Angle On ‘Tamping’ Incident During The Semi Final

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Below we bring you new footage from a different angle of the incident between Dimitri van den Bergh and Michael van Gerwen. It turns out the Belgium player noticed a small taming by Van Gerwen and this is shown in the video below.

VIDEO: Incident Between Van den Bergh & Van Gerwen During Semi Final

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There was some tension between Dimitri van den Bergh and Michael van Gerwen during their semi final. Watch them having some words during the third set shown in the video below. Footage from different angle

Gerwyn Price Might Not Come Back To Play PDC World Championship 2024

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Gerwyn Price lost his quarter final 5-1 from Gabriel Clemens despite wearing hearing protection during some part of the game. After the match he posted a message on Instagram in which he says he might not come back to the PDC World Championship in the future.  

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Playing Darts With Hearing Protection

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Gerwyn Price used his big hearing protection during his game with Gabriel Clemens. It didn’t help because he still lost the game.

These Darts Players Got FINED For STRANGE Reasons

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In professional darts you can get fined when you do something which is not allowed. But there have been some strange reasons in the past for which darts players got fined.