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Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen Had Another Funny Moment After Abu Dhabi

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After the race of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix there was another funny momen between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Lewis claimed he would have loved a battle and Max replies he could have slowed down. 10133

Moment Between Gerwyn Price And John Henderson During Their Game

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Gerwyn Price and John Henderson played against each other at Friday night. The Scottish player is known for his sympathy but he did get annoyed at one time resulting in this moment we show you below. 106

Stephen Bunting Finished Game With A Blind Bulls-Eye Shot

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In exhibition nights the pro players can show their skills with shots you will never see on stage. Stephen Bunting did a match winning blind bulls-eye shot in a demo night we show you below. 4536

Watch Gerwyn Price In Action During His Rugby Days

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These days Gerwyn Price is the number 3 of the world in darts. But his career only started 5 years ago as he was active as a rugby player before he changed this for darts in 2014. He has been playing for Cross Keys in the Welsh Premier Division, South Wales Scorpions in the Rugby League and Glasgow Warriors in […]

Lando Norris’ “I Am Crying” Team Radio With Engineer

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Lando Norris said goodbye to his engineer who had his last F1 race this weekend. Listen to his emotional team radio. 5819

VIDEO: Mervyn King’s Infamous Celebration After Massive Checkout

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Mervyn King showed some emotion after a 128 checkout in his match against Ciaran Teehan this afternoon. Watch his infamous celebration after this massive checkout below. Slowmotion is even more scary 776

Hilarious Celebration With Crowd By Matthew Edgar 🤣

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Matthew Edgar had a funny celebration moment with the crowd when he finally hit a double in his match with Labanauskas. 202

Onboard Footage: Lewis Hamilton At Rossi’s MotoGP Yamaha YZR-M1

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As part of the ride swap between two legends of motorsport, Lewis Hamilton took Valentino Rossi’s 2019 MotoGP Yamaha out for multiple laps at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo as Valentino got the opportunity to drive the 2017 Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+. Below we bring you some amazing onboard footage as Lewis Hamilton pilots Valentino […]

Who Is Fastest: MotoGP vs IndyCar

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Recently we showed you Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi swapping their car and bike. But what happens when a MotoGP driver races against a IndyCar driver. We bring you the battle between Marc Márquez at his MotoGP bike and Takuma Sato in his IndyCar. 394

Speel jij dit 420-spel uit? Dan ben je goed genoeg voor het PDC WK

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Met het PDC WK voor de deur brengen alle deelnemers momenteel uren per dag door op het trainingsbord. Een goed trainingsspel is dit 420-spel waarbij je op dubbel 1 begint en het hele bord rond gaat tot en met dubbel 20 waarna je afsluit op de bulls-eye. Je mag op iedere dubbel 3 keer gooien […]