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VIDEO: Humphries And Evans Have This Encounter With Ally Pally Wasp

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During the game between Luke Humphries and Lee Evans there was this encounter with the Ally Pally wasp. Watch how this moment resulted in the end of the famous Ally Pally wasp. Luckily for them the wasp was killed and could no longer do harm. But one of hir brothers found out about this and […]

VIDEO: Wattimena’s Painful Misspeaking Moment After Match With Sherrock

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Jermaine Wattimena won his tough game with Fallon Sherrock in the first round of the PDC World Darts Championship 2024. After this game he was interviewed when he had an awkward misspeaking moment which goes viral. There was also this other interview with Michael van Gerwen on his way to his first game at the […]

VIDEO: Awkward Moment Between Lourence Ilagan And Matt Campbell

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During the third day of the PDC World Darts Championship there was this moment between Lourence Ilagan and Matt Campbell. When the player from the Philippines came back to 2-2 in sets with a 104 checkout he went to ask for a fist bump of his opponent himself which created this awkward moment. Talking about […]

VIDEO: Sandro-Eric Sosing Damaged The Dartboard With His Left Hand

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During day 2 of the PDC World Darts Championship there was this game between Sandro-Eric Sosing and Lee Evans. In set 3 there was this strange moment where Sosing damaged the dartboard when retrieving his darts. There was also a bizarre moment in the game between Lourence Ilagan and Matt Campbell. The man from Canada […]

VIDEO: Rusty-Jake Rodriguez Throws Darts Off Stage And Cameron Menzies Does This

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During the first day of the PDC World Darts Championship there was this crazy moment in the game between Rusty-Jake Rodriguez and Cameron Menzies. The player from Austria threw his darts off stage out of anger and Cameron Menzies showed a bit too much of himself. Rusty-Jake couldn’t contain his frustration when trailing 0-2 in […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Joking About Best Leg Ever With Michael Smith

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During day 1 of the PDC World Darts Championship it was Michael van Gerwen who was in the studio to give his analyses on the first matches. When they showed him a replay of the best leg ever which he had with Michael Smith in the final last year, the Dutchman responded joking ‘What a […]

VIDEO: This Guy Hits A 180 With The World’s Smallest 2-Gram Darts

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For a lot of people it is hard to hit a 180 but what about a maximum score with the world’s smallest darts. The guy in the next video managed to do so with darts which way only 2 grams.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Joking With Journalist By Stealing This Thing

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Ahead of the PDC World Championship 2024 there was this funny moment between Michael van Gerwen and a journalist. When the journalist was missing his microphone cover the 3 times World Champion smiled and showed that he had stolen it. We will all be watching the pro’s playing darts on the PDC World Championship and […]

VIDEO: This Guy Does This Which You Normally Only See On Exhibition Night

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During his game with Bradly Roes at the MODUS Super Series there was this brilliant moment by Toft-Jørgensen. The Denish player hit a 10-darter on the bulls-eye.

VIDEO: Aurora Fochesato Wins Girls Final Lakeside But Then This Happened

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The girls final of the Lakeside was played between Aurora Fochesato and Krisztina Turai on the last day of the WDF World Championship. The girl from Italy won the tournament with a shot at double 10 but then this happened… Meanwhile at the MODUS Super Series there was this incredible leg by Andreas Toft-Jørgensen. The […]