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VIDEO: Yuki Tsunoda Funny Team Radio With His Engineer

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Yuki Tsunoda is known for losing his temper and cursing on the team radio. This time it was the Alpha Tauri driver who told his engineer to calm down which turned into this funny team radio.

VIDEO: Helmet Cam Footage Showing Charles Leclerc And Max Verstappen Fight

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The first race of the F1 2022 season showed us how great racing is with these cars. Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen had some amazing fights and we can bring them through the eyes of the Ferrari driver.

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price & Peter Wright Having Fun After The Final

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The winner of the final in Germany this weekend would have be the world number 1. Price won the final so he stayed on top of the list but Wright is coming for him. After the final there was this funny moment between the two.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Aspinall & Cullen On Stage

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Sunday afternoon Nathan Aspinall and Joe Cullen played against each other at the stage in Germany. Before the game they were having some fun on stage which turned into this Hilarious moment.

VIDEO: Remarkable Checkout By Simon Whitlock At International Darts Open

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Simon Whitlock sometimes has his own way of checking out legs and this weekend he had another remarkable route when he was on 63. Watch this special checkout below.

VIDEO: Mervyn King Furious With Hungarian Opponent Janos Vegso

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During the match between Mervyn King and Janos Vegso there a lot of tension. The Hungarian player got into the exclusion zone multiple times which made King furious. Watch this moment below.

VIDEO: F1 2022 Season Trailer By Sky Sports

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The F1 2021 season was one of the most thrilling seasons ever in Formula 1 With the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. In a few weeks the new season starts and we bring the Sky Sports F1 2022 trailer below.

VIDEO: Bizarre Mistake By Ron Meulenkamp At International Darts Open

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Ron Meulenkamp had this bizarre moment during today’s match at the International Darts Open.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen’s First Battle Against Phil Taylor On TV

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This month 15 years ago was the first time Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor had their first battle on TV during the Masters of Darts 2007. We bring you the highlights of this incredible game. Enjoy! Michael van Gerwen’s 170 checkout Michael van Gerwen’s 10-darter Michael van Gerwen’s 164 checkout Michael van Gerwen did […]

VIDEO: New F1 2022 Cars Are Very Bumpy With These New Regulations

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Because of the new 2022 regulations the Formula 1 cars became very bumpy. Watch footage below showing this bizarre consequence with this new rules. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1)