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Livestream: NDB Masters 2023

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We will bring live footage from the NDB Masters 2023 in this article. The video below will contain live footage from the stage matches.

VIDEO: Scary Heavy Side Impact Crash During Formula E In Rome

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Recently we have seen things go horribly wrong in at Spa during the Regional Europe race where Dilano van ‘t Hoff passed away. This weekend a similar moment happened during Formula E but thankfully this time nobody got seriously injured.

VIDEO: Gary Anderson Dares Reporter To ‘Run On Stage In Yellow Thong’

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Gary Anderson found his joy in darts back but he likes to get even more motivation with this bet with a reporter. Watch The Flying Scotsman dare him to run on stage in a yellow thong when he wins the tournament.

Raymond van Barneveld’s Interview After Losing At World Matchplay 2023

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Raymond van Barneveld lost his first match at the World Matchplay against Ryan Searle. After the game Barney reacted defeated during his interview with Viaplay.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Joking About Daniel Ricciardo Going Back To His Ex

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Daniel Ricciardo is back and he joined the press conference with Max Verstappen. When a reporter asked Daniel if he made the right decision going to back to his ex because this is usual filled with potential problems Max joked: “You have experience with that?”

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld Is Thankful For Messages From Phil Taylor

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Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor used to be opponents on stage but off stage they were always good friends. These days Barney still receives a lot of messages from The Power which he really enjoys.

VIDEO: Gian van Veen Wins With Bizarre Checkout And Crazy Stats

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Gian van Veen is the new kid on the block but he showed some impressive performance again in Germany. Watch his last darts against Damon Heta.

VIDEO: Painful Moment For Mikuru Suzuki With This Bizarre Mistake

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Last weekend during the World Matchplay there was this bizarre for Mikuru Suzuki who made a mistake you don’t ofter see. Watch her trying to take out the score of her opponent…

VIDEO: Incident Between Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton In Sprint Qualifying

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During the spring qualifying in Austria on Saturday there was this moment between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Mercedes driver blocked the Red Bull driver who was trying to finish his fast lap. Verstappen decided to do the same with Lewis and made him lose laptime as well. Onboard Lewis Hamilton Onboard Max Verstappen

VIDEO: Horror Crash At Spa Francorchamps During Regional Europe

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During today’s Regional Europe race at Spa Francorchamps there was this huge crash. According to the latest news 4 drivers were involved and at leats one of them was unconscious and is brought to the hospital. Update: 18-year-old Dutch driver Dilano van ‘t Hoff has died following an accident in the FRECA race today. Out […]