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Watch Last Darts Van Barneveld v Puha At Melbourne Darts Masters

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For the people who would like to know the results of the Melborune Darts Masters we bring you the highlights and last darts of this match. This was played between Raymond van Barneveld and Haupai Puha. 1356

Max Hopp Hits Some Incredible Darts In Heavy Duty Gloves Challenge

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We have already seen Peter Wright and Michael van Gerwen do the Challenge with the Heavy Duty Gloves and today it is up to Max Hopp. Also watch: Michael van Gerwen Plays A Game Of Darts With Heavy Duty Gloves Peter Wright Plays A Game Of Darts With Heavy Duty Gloves 712

Watch This Big Balls Overtake By Beitske Visser In W Series

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Since this year there is the W Series where woman fight in really fast single seaters. To prove they have ‘big balls’ as well watch this move by Beitske Visser to fight for the podium. 472

PDC Players Doing Bottle Cap Challenge With Their Darts

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We have seen Max Hopp do the Bottle Cap Challenge with his darts in this video. But now they challenged some other PDC players as well including Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Rob Cross, Peter Wright and Daryl Gurney. Also watch: Max Hopp Does The Bottle Cap Challenge With His Darts 1148

Watch Valtteri Bottas’ Spins And Mistakes In Ford Fiesta WRC

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F1 Driver Valtteri Bottas had the opportunity to test the Ford Fiesta WRC on German roads today one week before ADAC Rallye Deutschland. He went flat out, on and over the limit. 571

Michael van Gerwen Plays A Game Of Darts With Heavy Duty Gloves

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The number 1 in the world was challenged to play a game of Heavy Duty Gloves Darts. First six darts thrown normally and final six with heavy duty gloves on. Peter Wright scored 235 points in his attempt, can Michael van Gerwen beat this? Also watch: Peter Wright Plays A Game Of Darts With Heavy […]

How To Enter The Pitlane In Style With 720 During a Race

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Watch how this Audi R8 driver entered the pitlane in style during a race. 678

Watch Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz & Max Verstappen Playing FIFA During Summer Break

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What to do when you are a F1 driver and you are bored during summer break. Well, Lando Norris contacted Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen for some games in FIFA 2019. The first video shows Lando Norris against Carlos Sainz (who hasn’t has a mic yet) and the second video is between Lando Norris and […]

Watch Stunning Sudden Death Leg In Final Brisbane Darts Masters

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The final of the Brisbane Darts Masters was played between Rob Cross and local hero Damon Heta. Watch how this match ended in a stunning sudden death leg. HETA WINS!!! Damon Heta is the 2019 Brisbane Darts Masters Champion, beating Rob Cross in the final. Absolutely incredible from the Oceanic qualifier – on his birthday […]

Nico Rosberg’s Daughter Clearly Isn’t A Fan Of His Podcasts

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We all remember this moment when Nico Rosberg’s Daughter gave her left mirror to Daniel Ricciardo. Well she was back during the podcast after the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend. To be fair, it seems he is filming this vlog in her room, so her rules… 206