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Livestream: PDC Asian Tour 3

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Today the PDC Asian Tour 3 will be played and you can follow the tournament with the livestream below. 289

Livestream: PDC Asian Tour 4

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Today the PDC Asian Tour 4 will be played and you can watch it in the livestream below. Semi-final Paul Lim 0-5 Seigo Asada Royden Lam 5-4 Kevin Leung Final Seigo Asada 5-3 Royden Lam 143

New F1 2019 Rain Lights Spotted on Raikkonen’s Car

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Kimi Raikkonen was caught on tape during his test session with the new Alfa Romeo F1 2019 car. At one moment in the video the new F1 2019 rain lights are clearly visible. Watch these new rain lights in the video below. 512

Watch Daniel Ricciardo Getting Keys For His New Ride

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Renault F1 have posted the first promo video including Daniel Ricciardo. Watch him getting to the office and getting the keys for his new ride. Just when you thought Pierre Gasly had a bad car… 437

50 Goals If Nobody Recorded Nobody Would Believe

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Watch 50 goals you would not have believed if the were not recorded. Enjoy! 10

Max Verstappen Claiming He Lost Power With His RB15?

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This week we saw Max Verstappen in action with the RB15 at Silverstone. Now there is footage showing Max talking about the Honda engine. Although he said the first test was good it seems he says something different here. Is he claiming he lost power with his Honda powered RB15? Max Verstappen saying there is […]

Who Is Fastest at Circuit of The Americas: F1 vs IndyCar

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IndyCar was having their preseason testing laps at the Circuit of The Americas this week. To make a comparison between IndyCar and Formula 1 they compared the fastest lap with the 2018 pole lap of Lewis Hamtilon. Who is fastest: F1 or IndyCar? 2213

Michael Smith: “I Don’t Go To Offices And Scream While They Work”

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Michael Smith reflects on a frustrating night after being held to a 6-6 draw by Peter Wright in Glasgow: “I don’t go to their offices and scream while they’re trying to do paper work.” 2356

First Video of Kimi Raikkonen Driving Alfa Romeo 2019

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Kimi Raikkonen is spotted driving the new Alfa Romeo 2019 livery. Below we bring you the first video and photo’s of Kimi’s new ride. 135

Glen Durrant Missed Dartboard With One Dart Last Weekend

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Tonight Glen Durrant will play one match at the Premier League night in Glasgow. The 3 times BDO World Champion already made it to the final of the Players Championship last sunday. But he also had one bad moment which hasn’t been publiced until now. Watch how he missed the dartboard during the quarter final […]