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Charles Leclerc: “Ahh, Come On! Sh*t, F*cking Stupid, F*cking Stupid!”

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Charles Leclerc wasn’t happy with P4 after qualifying in China. He made this pretty clear in his uncensored team radio below. 233

Max Verstappen: “Everyone F*cks Up, Next Time I Will F*ck Them Up As Well!”

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The Red Bull drivers were not able to set a second time during qualifying. Watch this moment and the furious team radio by Max Verstappen. After qualifying Verstappen Verstappen: from now on I won’t give them room in qualification Verstappen just said on said on Dutch TV: “I was being screwed by others, because I was […]

Alexander Albon’s Heavy Crash During Free Practice 3 China

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This is not the weekend of Alexander Albon. After he needed help to save his brakes which caught fire and he smashed into the pit camera of Alfa Romea he crashed hard during Free Practice 3 in China. 140

Wayne Mardle Did It Again And Shows Blow Darts Skills

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Wayne Mardle isn’t only good at playing darts with his hands but he he can also throw some decent darts with his mouth. You might know the first video we show you below. But guess what, he has done it again as we now bring you the second video as well. 88

Watch Alexander Albon Smashing Alfa Romeo’s Pit-Camera To Pieces

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Earlier today we saw Sebastian Vettel helping Alexander Albon cooling down his brakes when they caught fire. Meanwhile the Toro Rosso driver isn’t that helpful to others as he smashed Alfa Romeo’s pit-camera to pieces when he entered the pit box. 299

Watch Vettel Telling His Engineers To Cool Down Albon’s Brakes

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Alexander Albon had to stop for a weight test during Free Practice today in China. It made his brakes set on fire which was noticed by Sebastian Vettel who was standing next to him. Sebastian Vettel made a nice gesture telling his engineers to cool down Albon’s brakes. Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Een bericht gedeeld […]

Sebastian Vettel Spinning Again During Sim Battle In China

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Sebastian Vettel was back in action during a sim battle before his race in China 2019. But just like two weeks ago in Bahrain he saw his Ferrari spinning on track. 891

13 Year Old Leighton Bennett Hits His First Perfect 9-Darter

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Last weekend the 13 year old Leighton Bennett hit a new youth record of 107.37 during the British Internationals 2019 and he recently played a great game against Phil Taylor at ‘Power at the Tower‘. Now he has had his next highlight as he did throw his first 9-darter when he was visited by ‘Japanese […]

With This Trick Everybody Can Hit A Perfect 9-Darter

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We all would love to hit a 9-darter once in our life. But only a few players eventually manage to hit perfection. In case you are not one of those people we have a trick to help you out. 285

Show Your Level And Beat Michael van Gerwen With This Game

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In this game called ‘Around the clock’ you start at number ‘1’ at the board. When you hit a single 1 you move to number ‘2’. But when you hit a triple 1 you need you will move 3 spots, so from ‘1’ to ‘4’. Make your way to 20 and end with a bulls-eye. […]