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VIDEO: Andy Hamilton Hits 9-Darter At PDC Winter Series Day 2

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Andy Hamilton just hit perfection in his match against Bunse. He did this during the second day of the PDC Winter Series in the third leg of the match. . Watch his 9-darter below.  

Goals If Weren’t Filmed, Nobody Would Believe

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Watch some of the weirdes and most insane goals in football history. If they weren’t filmed, nobody would believe.

Laughing at others can be fun!

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As you can see in this video, you don’t have to join in on the game to enjoy it. That means, as long as others are losing. At least, that’s what this guy believes. He enjoys it when players on his table are on a losing streak. He tries to hold it in but it […]

Funny Moment When Danny Noppert Walks Away During Live Interview

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The Netherlands lost the quarter final against Germany at the PDC World Cup of Darts last weekend. But Michael van Gerwen sure had a good laugh with his new teammate Danny Noppert. Watch this funny moment they had after their win at Brazil when Van Gerwen lost it when his teammate walked away during a […]

Funny Moment During Walk On Team Scotland At World Cup of Darts

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During the walk on of John Henderon and Robert Thornton for Team Scotland there was this funny moment. The Highlander gave his teammate a little smack in the face who got surprised and his look is priceless… 😂

VIDEO: Peter Wright Playing A Game With Worlds Smallest Darts

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In this edition of Forfeit Darts we will see Peter Wright playing with the World’s smallest darts. He faces Dave Chisnall, Joe Cullen and Jonny Clayton. Game on!

Hilarious Moment Between Van Gerwen & Lewis At PDC World Cup

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This weekend the PDC World Cup 2020 will be played. This tournament always brings hilarious moments like we saw between Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis 3 years ago. . During the semi-finals of the World Cup of Darts 2017 Van Barneveld hits a double to win the third leg against Dave Chisnall with a 10-darter […]

VIDEO: Worst Pit Stop Ever Seen in Formula 1 History In 41.8 Seconds

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Sebastian Vettel had a terrible pit stop during the Imola Grand Prix which lasted a massive 13 seconds. And we all remember the drama pitstops of Mercedes in Germany and the one by Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo in Monaco. But there is one pitstop which was much worse. Watch the pitstop by Esteban Tuero […]

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo’s Reaction After No Questions During Press Conference

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Daniel Ricciardo had his second podium of the season at the Imola Grand Prix. He was with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in the press conference but all questions were for the Mercedes drivers as they just won their 7th Constructor title in a row. The Renault driver had no questions from the media during […]

VIDEO: Jose De Sousa With AGAIN Some Horrible Counting 😅

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Jose de Sousa won the European Darts Grand Prix two weeks ago beating Michael van Gerwen in the final. Last weekend he was back at the European Championship and again he showed his mad counting skills when he went for triple 20 when he got 66 left… 😅