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Fallon Sherrock Beats Phil Taylor At Promi Darts WM 2020

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At the PDC World Championship she did beat Ted Evetts and Mensur Suljovic and now she had to face the 16 times World Champion Phil Taylor. Watch Fallon Sherrock in action against Phil Taylor at the Promi Darts WM 2020 last night If you missed this tournament you can watch more matches here. Also watch: Watch […]

Watch Matches Promi Darts WM 2020 Again

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At Saturday 4th January the Promi Darts WM 2020 was played with PDC players Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, Gerwyn Price, Peter Wright, Max Hopp and Fallon Sherrock. They teamed up with German celebrities and played a pair tournament. Teams Max Hopp + Frank Buschmann Gerwyn Price + Sarah Harrison Michael van Gerwen + Pascal […]

Chris Landman Thought He Won The Match But Miscounted

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Chris Landman had a perfect start at the BDO World Championship hitting a 170 checkout in the first set and he was close to another one in the 3rd set. But this all turned into drama in the 4th set when he was on 65 for the match… Dave Parletti had a comeback to 2-2 […]

Czech Driver Crashed And Broke His Back One Day Before Dakar 2020

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Two Czech drivers had a terrible crash on the day before the start of Dakar 2020. They flipped their Ford Raptor and driver Martin Kolomy broke his back in this crash. He got to the hospital by helicopter and also co-pilot Jirka Stross had to have a check. The Dutch brothers Tim and Tom Coronel were […]

Top 10 Strangest Rides Ever Raced In Dakar

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This Sunday Dakar 2020 will get started and we take a look in the history of Dakar with the strangest rides which ever competed. 10. Bug bitten Dior had clearly caught the rallying bug in 1981, as evident in perhaps the most bizarre creation ever to grace the Paris Dakar, the Jules Proto 6×4 Dakar Racer […]

If You Hit 1,000 Points In This Game You Can Play BDO World Championship

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We have another challenge for you called ‘Kill Bull’. This game will make sure your level will get more consistent which is key to perform on a high level. If you can hit 1,000 you are good enough to play at the BDO World Darts Championship yourself next year. Beginner = 300 Intermediate = 500 Advanced […]

World Champion Peter Wright Shows His House Including His Mancave

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Last night Peter Wright became the World Champion after beating Michael van Gerwen 7-3 in the PDC World Championship 2020 final. It is great time to watch the episode of Peter Wright showing his house and his mancave. Take a good look at 2:20 as he shows his cabinet which is ready for his World […]

Live Timing: Dakar 2020

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Dakar 2020 will start at Sunday 5th January and ends at Friday 17th January 2020. Among them is also former Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso who competes with his Toyota. We bring you all the latest stats live below.  304

VIDEO: Backstage Footage Between Van Gerwen And Peter Wright’s Wife

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Peter Wright did beat Michael van Gerwen 7-3 in the final of the PDC World Championship 2020. The Dutchman later said he will take this defeat on the chin and will come back stronger. He showed being gracious in defeat as he did congratulate Peter Wright’s wife as the first thing he did when he […]

This Is Why Mastercaller Kirk Bevins Missed The World Championship Final

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Kirk Bevins had to be the mastercaller in the second part of the PDC World Championship final between Peter Wright and Michael van Gerwen. But he got in trouble on his way to the venue because his car broke down and didn’t make it in time to Alexander Palace. Maybe next time he should take […]