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VIDEO: The Crowd Was Not Happy With Peter Wright After This Moment

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During tonight’s Premier League night there was this moment when Peter Wright walked towards the dartboard when he already had thrown two darts. It looks like he adjusted something on the camera but the crowd clearly wasn’t happy with this action by Snakebite.

VIDEO: Funny 180 Celebration By Matthew Edgar At Super Series

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During the Super Series there was this funny moment with Matthew Edgar. When he hit a 180 in his game with Richie Parkin he introduced this new celebration.

Max Verstappen Clinches Victory at Miami Grand Prix, Matching Red Bull’s Victory Record

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Max Verstappen won the Miami Grand Prix, which helped him increase his lead in the Formula 1 drivers’ championship. Despite starting ninth on the grid due to a mistake during qualifying, he managed to secure the victory, matching Sebastian Vettel’s record for the most wins in a Red Bull car. His teammate, Sergio Perez, finished […]

VIDEO: Beau Greaves Hits 115 Bull-Bull Checkout Against This Guy

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Beau Greaves is the best lady in darts at the moment which she has proven several times by winning 10 PDC Women Series in a row. This turned into an incredible 70 wins in a row before she got beaten. But also against men she is something else. During this game against a guy Beau […]

VIDEO: Ashley Coleman Hits Bizarre Number Of Triple 20’s In One Throw

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Most darts players are happy to hit 1 or 2 triple 20’s in a visit and go crazy when they hit a 180. But Ashley Coleman took it to the next level hitting a bizarre number of triple 20’s in just one visit…

VIDEO: David Pallett F*cks Up 9-Darter Because Of Bizarre Mistake

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David Pallett played against Colin Osborne at the MODUS Super Series when he made this bizarre mistake. He hit 6 perfect darts but didn’t get a change for a 9-darter because of this bizarre miscount…

Most Memorable Penalty Kicks In Fооtbаll History We Have Ever Seen

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The most memorable penalty kicks in fооtbаll history we have ever seen.

VIDEO: Michael Smith Wins Match In Style With Bizarre Route From 65

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When you got 65 points left most players will go for single bulls-eye and double 20. But when you are Michael Smith you have your own route which ended in a way when we have not seen many times before.

VIDEO: Van Duijvenbode Wins Match In Style With Bizarre Rout From129

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Dirk van Duijvenbode had a night to remember which started with this fall on stage. He got injured but after a small talk to the referee he managed to still play his game which he won in style as we show you below.

VIDEO: Dirk van Duijvenbode Falls Down During Walk On At Stage

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During his walk on in Leeuwarden there was this bizarre moment with Dirk van Duijvenbode. Watch him falling down while jumping on stage. He injured himself but after a small talk with the referee he was still able to play and even won his match. Bizarre route from 129 to win the game