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Watch Final BullShooter With Berry Van Peer Who Suffers Dartitis

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This years BullShooter Champions Cricket Pro AA final was between team ‘Rusty Van’ with Berry van Peer and Rusty Jake Rodriguez and team ‘Double D Bagg’ with Danny and Danny. Watch the sudden death leg of this exciting final. Skip to 1:17:00 to watch the sudden death leg of this final. 1538

33 Magic Speed Moments by Cristiano Ronaldo

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Watch 33 magic speed moments by Cristiano Ronaldo in the vidoe below. Enjoy! 10

Can You Pick All 17 Scores You Can’t Hit With 1 Dart?

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We would like to play a game with you. We give you 60 numbers and it is up to you to search for the bogey numbers you can’t throw with 1 dart. Can you spot all these 17 numbers in time? Game on! 2931

Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas Banter After The Race

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The press conference after the Monaco Grand Prix had some funny moments worth watching. Yesterday we posted this funny moment between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. But there was also a banter moment between Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas which we bring you below. 346

VIDEO: Vincent D’Hondt Hits 180 From His Wheelchair

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Last weekend The Hague Disability Darts Invitational was played in Scheveningen in Holland. In this tournament we saw Vincent D’Hondt hitting a 180 while playing in a wheelchair. Also watch: Cliff Ruiter Hits 180 At The Hague Disability Darts Invitational Belgian ‘Super Fan’ Jackie Goethals Hits Never Before Seen Checkout 692

Sebastian Vettel And Lewis Hamilton Having Fun During Press Conference

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel had fun during the press conference after the Monaco Grand Prix. Watch how Hamilton faked a phonecall to stop Vettel giving very long answers. 1947

Watch Dutch Darts Masters Final: Michael van Gerwen vs Ian White

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Last Sunday Michael van Gerwen and Ian White played the final of the Dutch Darts Masters. This tournament was exclusive for PDC TV subscribers but the PDC has now published footage of the final online for public. 701

VIDEO: New Angle On Perez And Marshalls Incident Monaco

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We have all seen this footage of Perez almost riding over two marshalls during the Grand Prix of Monaco. Now there is new footage showing this incident from above. 435

Watch What Could Be The Best 130 Checkout Attempt Ever

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Last weekend the Bauska Cup 2019 was played in Latvia. In the final of the ladies we spotted a moment which made us think. Did she found the best way to check out a 130? 1187

Water Incident Before Ian White And Jermaine Wattimena Match

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There was an awkward moment before the match between Jermaine Wattimena and Ian White at the Dutch Darts Masters last weekend. The Dutchman accidentally knocked over his glass of water which made White’s darts case soaking wet. They had a good laugh about it and after the match Dab Diamond took it to the toilet […]