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Watch Current PDC Top 64 Player Started His Career As Pro Wrestler

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We take a look at the former career of a current PDC top 64 player. These days he is known for being a darts player who owns his own YouTube-channel named Edgar TV but back in the days he was a professional wrestler. Take a look at 10 years-old footage of Matthew Edgar in action […]

Lando Norris After iRacing Game Quit Again: “Noooo, Stupid Game!”

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Lando Norris competed in ‘Real Racers Never Quit 2’ last night and finished P4 in Race 1 after a collision near the start. But things got even worse which made him not compete in Race 2. The game quit during a practice session and later he accidentally chose a BMW instead of the Porsche and […]

Can You Complete This New Challenge In Under 60 Seconds?

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Are you ready for another Challenge? Darts Planet has come up with ‘Around The Board In Under 60 Seconds’. You can even win some prices if you upload your attempt on Twitter and tag DartsPlanetTV and add #DPTVChallenge. Can you hit 1 till 20 in just 1 minute? Give it a go! 1664

Guy Beats Lando Norris For P4 And Finished In Style In Reverse

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Last weekend the official virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain was held as a replacement for the Bahrain Grand Prix which was scheduled tot take place. Lando Norris and other professional drivers competed in this race which was won by AlphaTauri’s Cem Bolukbasi. The Dutch simracer Jarno Opmeer had a finish in style which wasn’t broadcasted but […]

Ricky Evans Hits Fastest Three Bulls Challenge In Just 2.8 Seconds

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We have seen many Three Bulls Challenges lately but none of them was as quick as the one you are about to see. Ted Evetts challenged Ricky Evans to have a go and so he took his Cowboy outfit and went for it. It went so fast we took a stopwatch and it took him […]

Eric Bristow and John Lowe Complete Three Bull Challenge Each

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Earlier we posted this article with the highlights of all Three Bulls Challenge attempts by the professional darts players. But the legends Eric Bristow and John Lowe took it one more step as they did this challenge both back in the days. Also watch: Michael van Gerwen Does Three Bulls Challenge During Televised Match 424

Max Verstappen & Lando Norris Crashed While Leading iRacing Spa

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Last night Lando Norris was back in his race simulator and his friend Max Verstappen also joined the fight. Max was leading the race and Lando was in second when they helped each other trying to increase their lead on the other drivers by bump drafting. But it the end it all went wrong… Bump […]

Watch Dirk van Duijvenbode’s Incredible Match Against Nathan Aspinall

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Dirk van Duijvenbode had a great weekend at the Belgian Darts Championship 2020 in Hasselt. Now PDC Europe has released footage of his quarter final against Nathan Aspinall and we bring this video below. 8547

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Does Three Bulls Challenge During Televised Match

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Earlier we posted this article with the highlights of all Three Bulls Challenge attempts by the professional darts players. One missing was the one by the World number 1 Michael van Gerwen. But he doesn’t have to do this on his practice board as he already showed this one during a televisied match. Also watch: Eric Bristow […]

Lando Norris Calling Max Verstappen And Others For Tips

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Lando Norris had a problem during qualifying of the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix when his computer shut down. This means he had to start from the back and he decided to call some fellow drivers, engineers and his team boss for advice before the start of the virtual Bahrain GP. Full list of the people […]