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Daniel Ricciardo Performing His Tradition Japanese ‘Arigatō’ Moment

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Daniel Ricciardo and Jack Plooy, reporter of Dutch tv station, have a tradition in Japan to say goodbye with a special arigatō message. This year was no different and take a good watch at the guy in blue who had no idea what was happening. 3771

Onboard Footage: Incident Between Charles Leclerc And Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen had a great start and tried to overtake Charles Leclerc around the outside in turn 1. This ended up in an incident when the Ferrari driver went wide. Although the first reaction was ‘No further investigation’ this got changed into ‘Will be investigated after the race’. Below we bring you the onboard footage […]

Live: WDF World Cup 2019

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From Tuesday 8th October till Saturday 12th October the WDF World Cup 2019 will be played in Romania. We will bring live footage from this tournament. We bring a livestream on all days and n Friday and Saturday all single and pairs finals will be played on stage. Livestream Saturday (Day 6) Schedule Saturday Girls […]

VIDEO: Two 170’s In One Set During Match Van Gerwen Against King

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In an amazing quarter final of the World Grand Prix between Michael van Gerwen and Mervyn King we saw something special. During the second set both players managed to hit the Big Fish. 4060

VIDEO: ‘Sebastian Vettel’ Asking Valtteri Bottas For An Autograph

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A Sebastian Vettel look-a-like took his chance today to get an autograph of Valtteri Bottas. Watch the ‘Ferrari driver’ standing in line 😁 2225

VIDEO: Aspinall And Van der Voort’s Horrific Camera Distraction Moment

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During the game between Nathan Aspinall and Vincent van der Voort we saw both players complaining. After the game The Asp said the camera distraction was horrific but he handled it better than his opponent. 5857

VIDEO: Formula 1 On Drugs With Giga Kubica

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We all know the tripping video compilations of Formula 1 after a grand prix. Well, this supporter took it one step further and introduces you Giga Kubica. 1908

Ricky Evans Hits Funny 180 At World Grand Prix 2019

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Although he wasn’t able to impress much on the dartboard it was Ricky Evans who entertained the crowd with a funny 180. During the second set it was Rapid Ricky who look shocked on throwing a 180 before he even hit it. 7967

VIDEO: Meryn King Was Not Happy With Van den Bergh’s Celebration

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During the clash between Mervyn King and Dimitri van den Bergh we saw The King being unhappy with the celebration of the Belgium player. This all happened at the end of the first match. Mervyn King’s reaction after the game 12408

Co Stompé Hits First Ever Filmed Double In Double Out 9-Darter

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Tonight the World Grand Prix 2019 will start which is the only tournament on the calender with a double in and double out format. Brendan Dolan is known for being The History Maker for hitting the first ever televised double in and double out 9-darter back in 2011. But this wasn’t the first double in […]