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Top 10 Funniest Busts Scores In Darts On Stage

Top 10 Funniest Busts Scores In Darts On Stage


We have all been there busting a score by mistake. But it also happens to the big names in darts and it’s not just hitting the wrong double by mistake.

Watch the top 10 most funny busts scores we have seen on stage.

10. Dirk van Duijvenbode
When it comes to busting a 180 score this one by Dirk van Duijvenbode at the PDC World Championship 2016 against Raymond van Barneveld is one that comes to mind. However it is well known it is more painful then funny which is why we put it at the bottom of our top 10 list.

9. Peter Wright
The current World Champion also busted his score a few times during his career. It happened to him during the UK Open against Raymond van Barneveld but we bring you the one at the Austrian Darts Open 2016 against Alan Norris.

8. Michael van Gerwen
We showed you the 180 bust score by Dirk van Duijvenbode which happened at a crucial moment against Raymond van Barneveld during the PDC World Championship. But it also happened to the World number 1 as we show you in the video below.

7. Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor is also in this list with with a moment he had back in 2014. This happened at the UK Open when he had a shot at 130, twice…

6. Gerwyn Price
The Iceman also had his moment of fame by busting a score of 173. This happened during the Austrian Darts Open Vienna 2016 just like the 120 bust by Peter Wright.

5. Qiang Sun
During the PDC World Championship 2016 Qiang Sun made his debut. We all remember him falling down over the oche but he also had a funny moment busting his score. Watch him bust a score at 133 followed by missing the dartboard in his next visit.

4. Phil Taylor
The Power makes a second appearance in this list with a miscount from 129 during the Premier League 2014 against Gary Anderson. Also take a close look during his second attempt when he almost made the same mistake again.

3. Jose de Sousa
Jose de Sousa often surprises the spotter by going for strange ways like double, double, double. This is exactly what he tried against Michael van Gerwen during the 2019 PDC Gibraltar Darts Trophy but it ended up being a funny bust.

2. Steve Farmer
This one is a classic as Steve Farmer threw the first 180 of the match against James Wade followed by another maximum score. The only issue was he only had 176 left. The best part is his celebration and the look on his face when he finds out he busted his score.

1. Michael van Gerwen
The best moment in this list has got to be Michael van Gerwen with his miscount at the Promi Darts WM 2020. He was confident he won the match and celebrated it big time when he suddenly heard George Noble saying ‘No score’….