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Bizarre Footage Showing Kim Huybrechts Fighting With Mike de Decker

Bizarre Footage Showing Kim Huybrechts Fighting With Mike de Decker


We all remember Kim Huybrechts and Dimitri van den Bergh being no friends during the World Cup of Darts playing for Belgium. New footage show why they couldn’t stand each other no longer as this fight happened between Kim Huybrechts and Mike de Decker.

Huybrechts has received a fine of 1500 pounds and a formal warning from the DRA, who issued it after the above-mentioned footage came to the attention of the disciplinary committee. This investigation was initiated following complaints filed by Dimitri van den Bergh and Mike de Decker.

The incident between Huybrechts and De Decker took place in November in the English town of Barnsley during one of the Players Championship weekends. Emotions escalated outside the venue to the point where Huybrechts became physically aggressive. Footage shows Huybrechts shouting and repeatedly threatening, saying, “I’ll destroy you,” directed at De Decker.

The altercation was sparked by a critical Facebook post from Huybrechts’ partner Dana, to which De Decker’s mother responded.

Huybrechts shouted at De Decker, “This has been bothering me for a long time. You’re the first on my list, and your mother too. One punch to his face, and he does nothing. Pussy!” Huybrechts had to be restrained, after which De Decker, who remained calm during the incident, filed a complaint.

The DRA describes Kim Huybrechts’ behavior as ‘aggressive and inappropriate.’ Huybrechts had previously received a complaint from Dimitri Van den Bergh.

The feud between Huybrechts and Van den Bergh at the World Cup of Darts, where they barely acknowledged each other, is now linked to an inappropriate comment from Huybrechts to De Decker. Huybrechts made a threatening remark to De Decker, leading to a complaint from Van den Bergh.

Huybrechts’ misplaced comment to De Decker, who was present as a reserve player at the tournament, escalated the conflict. Huybrechts said, “Who knows, maybe you can play in the World Cup this year, Mike. You never know if someone falls down the stairs.”

A comment that Van den Bergh took offense to and deemed ‘threatening.’ For ‘Dancing Dimi,’ it was the last straw, prompting him to file a complaint. Meanwhile, Van den Bergh and Huybrechts are ‘on speaking terms’ again, but they won’t be friends anymore.

The fine of £1,500 (approximately €1,750) and a formal warning have now been imposed on Huybrechts due to De Decker’s complaint.