Home Darts VIDEO: Darren Webster Shows What NOT To Do With 22 Points Left
VIDEO: Darren Webster Shows What NOT To Do With 22 Points Left

VIDEO: Darren Webster Shows What NOT To Do With 22 Points Left


When you got 22 points left you can choose between going straight for double 11 or split your darts. Darren Webster went for both and that’s not the way to do it.

At that moment, you are faced with the choice to go directly for the double 11 or to split and work towards a double of your choice. The Demolition Man found out during the MODUS Super Series that his solution is not advisable.

This moment occurred in his match against the Belgian James Vanbesien. He is one of the many players from the Netherlands and Belgium who had the opportunity to participate in the Super Series. Fellow countryman Brian Raman and the Dutchman Tom van den Hoogen were also in action this week. However, the weekly title went to Tom Sykes. The Englishman defeated Darren Webster 4-2 in the final.

Next week, we will see another series of interesting names in the Super Series. The lineup includes Gilbert van der Meijden, Christopher Toonders, Mikuru Suzuki, and Haruki Muramatsu.

We have recently witnessed more funny and remarkable moments in this class, making it more than worthwhile to follow. For those not familiar with it, we would like to explain the format here.

Every week, a tournament is organized for 12 players without a PDC tour card. These players are divided into three groups: A, B, and C. In Group A, 6 players participate, with 3 advancing to Group B and the remaining 3 to Group C. Group A plays from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday, the 3 players from Group B enter the arena, followed by Group C on Friday.

On Thursday and Friday, Groups B play in the evening, while Group C competes during the day on both days. The winner of Group A qualifies directly for the final night on Saturday. The other five players from Group A are distributed to Groups B and C, creating six participants in each group. Players finishing 2nd and 3rd in Group A move to Group B, while those finishing 4th, 5th, and 6th go to Group C.

Every Saturday, a final night is played, determining the weekly winner. After 12 weeks, all weekly winners qualify for Champions Week, where they compete for the title and the grand prize of £20,000.