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VIDEO: This Is How To Hit A Legal 140 Despite 1 Dart On The Ground

VIDEO: This Is How To Hit A Legal 140 Despite 1 Dart On The Ground


During the PDC Europe Super League we already saw this never before seen 71 checkout but there was more. It was Liam Maendl-Lawrence who managed to hit a 140 with one dart on the ground. Find out in the footage below how this is possible.

Throwing a 140-score with one dart on the ground sounds like something possible only on a soft-tip dartboard. However, this occurred last weekend during an official match at the PDC Europe League in Germany, and remarkably, the score was still deemed legal. Witness how this unusual feat was achieved in these bizarre visuals.

This isn’t the first extraordinary occurrence witnessed at the tournament in Germany. Earlier that day, Nico Blum introduced a new route for a 71-point finish.

But it gets even more unusual when we look back a few years to the time when we were still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization had then devised the concept of a real lollipop man who made players wait until their opponent was completely at the board before giving the green light to step up to the oche.

It strongly resembled Formula 1, where in the early years, a lollipop man was active during pit stops. This person indicated to the driver when the pit crew was ready, signaling the driver to continue. Fortunately, the era of COVID-19 has passed, and the term “lollipop man” was a one-time occurrence in darts.

Also, the best leg ever was reportedly surpassed here last week by many, with two players throwing 15 perfect darts, achieving the first leg ever where nobody missed their target. Both Michael Smith and Michael van Gerwen had earlier opportunities for a 9-darter, with the Dutchman missing his chance. What sets apart the match between Niko Springer and Manfred Bilderl is that neither player missed anything.

The PDC Super League is an entertaining tournament but also carries significant stakes. The winner secures a spot in the PDC World Championship 2024 and has a chance to claim the grand prize of £500,000.

Meanwhile the Grand Slam of Darts started and there was this funny moment between the game of Dave Chisnall and Stephen Bunting. Watch The Bullet photobombing his opponent on the big screen towards the end of the game.