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VIDEO: Bizarre Moment By Ricardo Pietreczko After He Won The Game

VIDEO: Bizarre Moment By Ricardo Pietreczko After He Won The Game


We already saw this moment by Ricardo Pietreczko in his game with Beau Greaves for which he got a lot of critism. During his match with Nathan Aspinall things didn’t go much better as you look at the way he left the stage after he won.

The world for Ricardo Pietreczko has turned upside down in the span of a month. On October 15th, he won the German Darts Championship, endearing himself to his home crowd.

Fast forward a month, and the public has become his biggest opponent. During Tuesday evening’s match against Nathan Aspinall, he pulled off some strange antics that even Jacques Nieuwlaat had never witnessed before, as seen in the clip in this article.

The German astonished commentators with this bizarre action: “I have never seen anything like this before.”

He managed to win the match, but judging by his reaction, it didn’t seem that way. Despite the victory, he was heading home as he didn’t make it to the top 2 of the group, failing to reach the last 16. In the post-match interview, he expressed clear sentiments.

‘This game meant nothing. The crowd behaved disgracefully towards me during the match with Beau Greaves. I’m glad I can go home, I’m done. It’s a tournament of champions. I was in a group with three English players, including a woman. It was very tough for me,” Pietreczko conveyed in front of Viaplay’s camera.

Earlier in a match against Beau Greaves, Pikachu also revealed his frustration, engaging in a battle with the audience. As mentioned earlier in this article, within a few weeks, the tide has completely turned from being a crowd favorite in Germany to the audience becoming his biggest adversary in England.

It’s understandable that this newcomer needs time to adjust and is struggling to cope. However, the issue is that with his reactions, he seems to be making things worse. Once the audience turns against you, it’s challenging to reverse that, as Gerwyn Price is still experiencing. The Iceman’s journey began exactly 5 years ago on this stage during the Grand Slam of Darts final after the incident with Gary Anderson, and tonight, these two will face each other again.