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VIDEO: James Wade Celebration After Grand Slam Victory On Josh Rock

VIDEO: James Wade Celebration After Grand Slam Victory On Josh Rock


James Wade played a nerve-wracking duel against Josh Rock on Friday night, clinching the match in a decisive final leg with a score of 16-15. But after the match on social media the footage of The Machine’s celebration after the game went viral.


However, the talk a day later revolves around what The Machine did immediately after, as seen in these clips. These post-match videos of James Wade have gone viral on the internet.

Known for his occasional remarkable behavior, James Wade was once again in the spotlight at the Grand Slam of Darts. Who could forget the Englishman’s roar directed at the always respectful Japanese player Seigo Asada during the 2019 PDC World Championship?

But earlier this year, we witnessed a similar incident, this time on the floor. These are lesser-known clips as they were not broadcasted on television. For those who might have forgotten, here’s a look at why he suddenly made a run for it during the match.

Many big names have already exited the tournament, seemingly paving the way for James Wade to seize a major PDC title. Earlier this year, he made it to the final of the European Darts Championship, but Peter Wright stood in his way during the showdown. There’s a chance he might face the American Peter Wright in the final, although he’ll first have to surpass Luke Humphries.

At least, he has secured his spot for the final day. He opens the day against Humphries on Sunday afternoon, while the other semifinalists will be determined on Saturday night.

Tournament victory would be particularly significant for James Wade, often an underrated player. He has been a fixture in the top 16 of the world since 2006, though there was a recent change. Following the 2023 German Darts Championship, he was temporarily surpassed by Ross Smith.

However, it was short-lived, as he has since reclaimed the 14th spot. With a good performance in this tournament, he is once again making strides in the PDC Order of Merit.