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VIDEO: PDC Player Got Suspended For These Questionable Moments

VIDEO: PDC Player Got Suspended For These Questionable Moments


At the MODUS Super Series there was this game between Prakash Jiwa and Owen Bates. The DRA has investigated suspicious bets at this match and the video below shows the moments Jiwa went for the doubles.

As a result, Prakash Jiwa and Andy Jenkins are now suspended and are not allowed to participate in DRA-sanctioned events while an investigation into suspicious bets is ongoing. They have the right to appeal this decision.

Especially for Prakash Jiwa, this could have consequences as he has qualified for the upcoming PDC World Championship. Since he can still appeal against it, his participation in the World Championship might still proceed.

Andy Jenkins reached the semi-finals of the PDC World Championship in 2007, facing Raymond van Barneveld as his opponent. The Dutchman defeated him 6-0, leading to the famous final against Phil Taylor, often regarded as the most memorable PDC World Championship final ever.

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Previously, Jenkins received a conditional suspension in 2019 for allegedly making homophobic remarks to an official during a Challenge Tour event. In 2020, he was embroiled in controversy again for making an obscene gesture, as seen here.

Additionally, after an investigation, the DRA has determined that Jack Main must account for breaches of the DRA betting rules. Consequently, Main is also suspended from participating in or attending DRA-sanctioned events until the conclusion of the hearing(s) and the resolution of this matter. Main also has the right to appeal against this suspension decision.

The suspensions stem from two separate investigations. One of these matches involves Jack Main and Lisa Ashton, with the investigation emphasizing that there is no suggestion of Lisa Ashton’s involvement in any way.