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Keegan Brown & Max Hopp Incident at German Darts Grand Prix 2019

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During the second round of the German Darts Grand Prix 2019 there was an incident between Keegan Brown and Max Hopp. 6652

Most Fantastic Ending To A Match We Have Seen This Weekend

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This weekend the German Darts Grand Prix is played and we bring you the best ending of a match we have seen so far. 583

Hilarious Reaction of Kim Huybrechts After Glen Durrant’s 170 Checkout

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Glen Durrant had a great moment hitting a 170 checkout at the German Darts Grand Prix this weekend. But the hilarious reaction of Kim Huybrechts made it even better! 3323

Livestream: Winmau Iceland Open 2019

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This weekend the Winmau Iceland Open 2019 will be played. The tournament will be broadcasted by two livestreams which we will bring you below. The first livestream shows board 1 by the Facebook-livestream and the second livestream shows board 2 by the YouTube-livestream. All matches will be shown by live scores on DartConnect as well. […]

Mega Crash at Nurburgring Nordschleife Happened Yesterday [19-04-19]

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At Friday the Nurburgring Nordschleife was open to public to have a go with their road car and as often it went wrong again. This time in went wrong big time. 2793

Livestream: Estonia Open & Estonia Masters 2019

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This weekend the Estonia Open & Estonia Masters 2019 will be played in Tallinn. We will bring you a livestream of the stage finals in the livestream below. 270

Dirk van Duijvenbode Had Another Crazy Walk On In Holland

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This week Dirk van Duijvenbode played an exhibition game in Groningen, Holland. It was a tournament including players like Dimitri van den Bergh, Simon Whitlock and Co Stompé. As always Dirk van Duijvenbode showed his crazy walk-on and the people in Holland loved it! In the end the Hardcore-lover won the tournament as well, beating […]

Carlos Sainz Got Pulled Over For Breathalyser Test

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Carlos Sainz has not been lucky yet during this season in Formula 1 as he is one of the players without points so far. But also offtrack he is not that lucky. Watch how he got pulled over for a breathalyser test when he left the track. 248

Michael Smith And Gerwyn Price Hit Back To Back 170-Checkouts

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Last night we saw Michael Smith and Gerwyn Price play a brilliant match. They showed some amazing moments during the third and fourth leg as they hit back to back 170 checkouts. According to the odds (80.000:1) this will not happen within the next 10 years on stage… 3273

Watch Nico Hülkenberg Racing With A Fully Packed Renault Van

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In this German tv show we see Nico Hülkenberg in a 100 HP fully packed van race against a 200 HP renault. Can he win based on his race talent? Let’s found out! 121