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Daniil Kvyat Furious After Hearing Penalty: “F*cking Bullsh!t!”

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Daniil Kvyat was furious after hearing he got a 5 seconds penalty after the American Grand Prix. This happened after he had a collision with Sergio Pérez during the last lap. Watch this moment after the race when he found out he got penalized. “That’s b*llsh!t. That’s unbelievable. I don’t know, the stewards are completely… […]

BDO Youth Player Has Hit A 9 Darter At Today’s PDC Development Tour

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Keane Barry has hit a 9-darter during today’s Development Tour. The 17 year-old did this in his match against Jurjen van der Velde hitting 180, 177 and a 144 checkout. In the end he won the match 4-0 averaging 107.40. Unfortunately there is no footage of today’s match but we can show you the stats from DartConnect […]

Max Verstappen’s Uncensored Team Radio After Incident With Hamilton

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had an incident during qualifying when the Mercedes driver overtook the Dutchman. Max’s team radio: “Lewis f*cked this all so this is his f*cking problem, this happening.” During an interview in Dutch he later said: “Well, everyone is accepting each others position but Lewis doesn’t care and just keeps on running. […]

Van Gerwen: “Gerwyn Was Talking Next To Me, He Shouldn’t Do That”

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Three-time World Series Finals champion Michael van Gerwen gives his assessment of a thrilling 6-5 victory over Gerwyn Price in which he came from 4-2 down to prevail 6-5 and make it 19 games unbeaten against the Welshman. The Dutchman wasn’t happy with Gerwyn’s attitude though.

Afridza Munandar’s Fatal Accident Today At Sepang International Circuit

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During the Asia Talent Cup race on Saturday Afridza Munandar crashed in turn 10 during the first lap. The 20-year-old Indonesian first received medical attention by the side of the track before being transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital by helicopter. Despite the best efforts of circuit medical staff and those at the hospital, Munandar sadly succumbed to his […]

Hilarious Roast By Alex Albon On Max Verstappen At COTA Tower

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Max Verstappen and Alex Albon were having great fun during ‘Talk of the Tower’ at the Circuit of the Americas. We bring you the last minutes of this video which are definitely worth watching. Enjoy!

Nathan Aspinall Had A Surprise Meeting With His Hero Edwin van der Sar

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This weekend the PDC plays the World Series of Darts Finals in Amsterdam. Dutch reporter Arjan van der Giessen knew about the story of Nathan Aspinall who always wanted to be a goalkeeper for Manchester United and arranged a surprise meeting with one of his hero’s, Edwin van der Sar. 

Onboard Footage: Mercedes AMG Crash And Flip 7 Times At Nürburgring

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During last weekend’s track day at Nürburgring it went completely wrong for this Mercedes AMG-driver. He lost control of his car, crashed and flipped 7 times. Below we bring you onboard footage of this crash.

Carlos Sainz Might Lose His Podium Because Of This Moment

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Carlos Sainz got his first podium after Lewis Hamilton received a 5 seconds penalty for his incident with Alex Albon. But the podium might still change as Carlos Sainz is under investigation for using DRS during double yellow. As are 5 other drivers… Update: No penalty so first podium for Carlos Sainz is now official. […]

Sebastian Vettel’s Funny Reaction On Red Bull’s ‘Suspicious’ Speed

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Sebastian Vettel had a funny savage moment when he spoke about the ‘suspicious’ speed by Red Bull after the Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying.