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VIDEO: Funny Photobombing Moment By Stephen Bunting At Grand Slam

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During his game with Dave Chisnall there was this funny moment at the Grand Slam of Darts by Stephen Bunting. Watch The Bullet photobombing his opponent on the big screen in the end of their game. It was Stephen Bunting who narrowly escaped defeat in this match and managed to clinch the win. That’s why […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Lost It After This Imitation By Max Verstappen

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During the latest press conference at the Brazilian Grand Prix there was this funny answer by Max Verstappen. Or actually it was more of an imitation which made Lando Norris lose it. Eddie Jordan used to be one of the many who had a lot of critism on Max Verstappen for his driving style and […]

VIDEO: Nico Blum Does It AGAIN With New Route From 58 Checkout

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Nico Blum acts at the Super Series as if it is an exhibition night. We already showed you the new route from a 71 checkout and this time he is back with another one. Watch him taking out 58 with two darts in hand in a way we won’t even dare to think about.

VIDEO: This Is How To Hit A Legal 140 Despite 1 Dart On The Ground

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During the PDC Europe Super League we already saw this never before seen 71 checkout but there was more. It was Liam Maendl-Lawrence who managed to hit a 140 with one dart on the ground. Find out in the footage below how this is possible. Throwing a 140-score with one dart on the ground sounds […]

VIDEO: Steve West Never Before Seen Route From 136 Checkout

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Earlier we showed you this 9-darter by Steve West which he already predicted to the commentators. But he showed more incredible darts at the MODUS Super Series during that week. Watch him showing a route from 136 like you probably have never seen before.

VIDEO: You Have Never Seen A 71 Checkout Before Like This One

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Today during the MODUS Super Series we saw this moment we have not seen before. When you got 71 points left there are various routes to choose from but this one is new for us. You wouldn’t believe he would have another similar shot later again in his match with Felix Schiertz. This time he […]

VIDEO: Forget Van Gerwen & Smith, This Is The New BEST Leg Ever

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Recently we saw the best leg ever between Michael Smith and Michael van Gerwen but today history is rewritten. Watch Niko Springer and Manfred Bilderl at the PDC Europe Super League today which is according to us the new best leg ever. During the Super Series we saw another bizarre moment when Nico Blum decided […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Singing On Team Radio After Breaking 71 Yeard Old Record

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With his 17th win of the season at the Brazilian Grand Prix 2023 Max Verstappen broke the 71 year old record of Alberto Ascari. In 1952 the Italian driver won 6 out of 8 races which means he won 75% of the races in that season. The Red Bull driver know has won 17 races […]

VIDEO: Big Mistake During Final Turned Into This Awkward Moment

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During the final between Liam Maendl-Lawrance and Sven Geiger there was this awkward moment. Geiger gave his opponent a fist bump when he thought he had just won the leg and then this happened…

VIDEO: George Russell’s Response + Max Verstappen During Press Conference

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After the sprint race George Russell couldn’t believe what he heard when he was told about the pace of Max Verstappen. To make it even more bizarre the answer by the Red Bull driver during the press conference is added about not having pushed 1 lap flat out…