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VIDEO: Cute Penelope And Max Verstappen In Red Bull Garage

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Max Verstappen had a short race in Australia but luckily there was someone waiting for Jim in the pit. Watch Penelope with Max Verstappen in the Red Bull garage.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Max Verstappen And Daniel Ricciardo

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In Australia Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were brought together again for a interview together. As expected the bromance is still there.

VIDEO: New Strange Throw Spotted During This Ladies Tournament

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We have seen some bizarre throws already and this time we spotted this bizarre throw by a lady. The footage is from the Dutch Open Darts 2024.

VIDEO: Strange Reaction By Van Barneveld After 9-Darter Michael Smith

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Today Michael Smith managed to hit a 9-darter against Raymond van Barneveld at the Players Championship 5. But people are more surprised by the reaction by the Dutchman after the perfect leg by BullyBoy.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Leaves Interview After Incident With Journalist

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Last week there was this moment between Michael van Gerwen and Bart Nolles and this week they had another incident. Michael van Gerwen: “If you want to make it negative, go ahead. You’ve never looked at me, of course that happened to me once. I disagree with you. You know, once again: if you want […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Completes 9-Darter For Luke Littler

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He already did it once against Dave Chisnall and this time he did it against Luke Littler. Michael van Gerwen completed the 9-darter for his opponent.

Vincent van der Voort: “This Is Why Co Stompé Was Kicked Out Of Dutch Team”

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During this interview with podcast DoubleTop Vincent van der Voort explained why Co Stompé was kicked out of the Dutch team. He explains Raymond van Barneveld and Co Stompé didn’t get along back in the days and because Barney was the better player they had to let go of Stompé. When Van Barneveld went to […]

VIDEO: Luke Littler Hits A 9-Darter In Final Of Belgian Darts Open

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Luke Littler played the final of the Belgian Darts Open against Rob Cross. During this game he not only won his first PDC Euro title but he also hit the perfect leg.

VIDEO: Incident Between Luke Littler And Ricardo Pietreczko On Stage

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At the Belgian Darts Open there was this incident after the semi final between Luke Littler And Ricardo Pietreczko. Luke Littler said after the match that he did not understand what he was saying. But Pietreczko posted on Instagram what he was talking about and this post is showed below the video.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Corrects Journalist During Press Conference After Qualifying

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While it is chaos at Red Bull it is Max Verstappen who is still focused and sharp. During the press conference he corrected the host after this incorrect into.