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Nicholas Latifi’s Funny Interview + Walking Into Wheel Gun Cable

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Before the Hungarian Grand Prix there was a funny interview with Nicholas Latifi. He was asked to have a few words in his own language but when you ask this to a Canadian driver his language is English… Watch this funny moment below including him walking into the wheel gun cable. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Got Penalized For This Moment in FP1

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Lando Norris had to go to the stewards because he was overtaking under a yellow flag during FP1 when Latifi was standing on the grass. Update: He got penalized with a 3-grid penalty for the moment below. [adrotate banner=”14″] Lando Norris onboard footage Nicholas Latifi onboard footage

VIDEO: 13 Year Old David Nachreiner Beats Phil Taylor On Stage

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Recently we showed you how this 14 year old kid managed to beat Michael van Gerwen on stage in an incredible game. It was a great achievement but there is one kid who was only 13 years old when he did beat Phil Taylor on stage. Watch 13 year old David Nachreiner in his game against […]

Kimi Räikkönen Furious Team Radio On His Teammate During FP3

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Kimi Räikkönen wasn’t happy with his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi who blocked the Finnish driver. [adrotate banner=”14″] Räikkönen: “**** **** if we can not get our own car out of the way in the last corner. ******* stupidity”

This Just Happened During Formula 3 In Austria

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Many things happened during today’s F2 and F3 race including many safety cars. One remarkable moment happened at the start of the straight when 16 years old Roman Stanek crashed into the DRS sign. [adrotate banner=”14″]

High Speed Crash In USF2000 Championship After Brake Failure

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During the USF2000 Championship Josh Pierson had a high speed crash into the barrier after his brakes failed. Watch his onboard footage of this 192 km/h crash into the tyres. [adrotate banner=”14″]

Clement Novalak Just Popped This Epic Wheelie In Formula 3

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During the Formula 3 race on Sunday morning Clement Novalak had a big moment when he popped a massive wheelie. He got airborne when he went over the kerb stones. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: First Footage Of New World Matchplay Setup Without Crowd

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Saturday night the World Matchplay 2020 will start as the first televised tournament after the season got stopped because of the Corona-virus. It will be played without a crowd at Milton Keynes [adrotate banner=”14″]

Lando Norris’ Solution When His Temperature Was Too High Entering The Circuit

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Lando Norris was and his physiotherapist were stopped and they were not allowed to enter the circuit in Austria because their temperature was too high. Because of the Corona-virus there is a temperature measurement for everyone who enters the circuit and you are only allowed when it is 37.8 or higher. Luckily the McLaren driver […]

Hilarious Moment When Kimi Raikkonen Teaching Driving On Ice

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Driving on ice can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle your car in those circumstances. Having a Formula 1 champion from Finland next to you would definitely help. Well, it doesn’t when his name is Kimi Raikkonen… [adrotate banner=”14″]