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Zhou Momo Hits Incredible 150.21 Average In 701 Game Women Final

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Last weekend the 30th edition of the soft darts tournament “2019 PERFECT Tour” was played in Yokohama. In the women’s final we saw an amazing performance by Zhou Momo who averaged 150.21 in the first 701 game against Kasumi Sato.

Jeff Smith Hits Bulls-Eye, Triple 16 And Bulls-Eye To Win The Match

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Jeff Smith is playing at the Seacoast Open in the USA this weekend. In this tournament they also play the game called ‘Cricket’. The Silencer lived up to his name as he ended the match with an incredible bulls-eye, triple 16 and bulls-eye checkout.

VIDEO: Another Horror Crash At Spa During Today’s GT4 Test Day

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Today there was another horror crash at Spa-Francorchamps after Eau Rouge. This happened during the testday for the GT4 and 3 cars were involved. It happened at the same place where Anthoine Hubert got killed 2 months ago but today all drivers walked away with only minor injuries. Also watch: John Iafolla Crashed His Toyota 86 […]

VIDEO: Water Incident Between Darren Webster And William O’Connor

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William O’Connor wasn’t happy with Darren Webster last night when The Demolition Man poured water all over his stuff. We have shown his angry interview after the match last night and we can now show you some footage of this incident. Darren Webster’s reaction

Kevin Painter Wins Match At Ireland Open With A Crazy Checkout

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Former PDC World Championship finalist Kevin Painter is playing at the BDO these days. Today he is playing at the Killarney Darts Festival and during his match against Mick McGowan he showed a crazy match winning checkout.

Michael Smith’s Attempt To Beat Taylor’s Record Average Of 114.65

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Michael Smith played an amazing game today at the Grand Slam of Darts against Nathan Aspinall. We bring you the last 3 legs of this match when he was aiming at the Grand Slam of Darts record average of 114.65 set by Phil Taylor in 2014. Ten highest Grand Slam of Darts one-match winning averages […]

Glen Durrant: “Don’t Want To Speak To Michael Smith As I Demand More Respect”

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Glen Durrant isn’t happy with Michael Smith’s interview and demands more respect from BullyBoy. Below we bring you the interview with Duzza and the interview with Smith he is angry about. Glen Durrant’s interview Michael Smith’s interview Michael Smith’s reaction

William O’Connor On ‘Watergate’: “He Poured Water All Over My Stuff”

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William O’Connor did beat Darren Webster with 5-3 and he was extremely happy after the game. It turned out there was an incident between them when Webster poured water over O’Connor’s equipment and he wasn’t happy about it. O’Connor: “He poured water all over my stuff and it annoyed me. I looked back at my […]

Peter Wright Shows Bull-Bull Demo Shot Attempt At Grand Slam 2019

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In his match against Wayne Warren it was Peter Wright who had a remarkable attempt at a bull-bull checkout. Watch his crazy demo shot attempt from 121 in the 6th leg of the game.

Top Gear’s Battle: Lewis Hamilton vs Sebastian Vettel

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are the only two current drivers in Formula 1 with both multiple World Championships. They have never been in the same team so it’s very hard to compare their pure talent. But they have once been in the same car during the battle at Top Gear. Who is fastest? Lewis […]