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Livestream: Dutch Open Darts 2020 [Friday]

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This weekend the Dutch Open Darts will be played and we will bring you a livestream during all 3 days. At Friday the livestream will start at 10:30 local time. Schedule Friday (local time) 8.30 Doors open 10.00 Paradarts players report at ‘Paradarts Playing Area’ untill 11.00 am. 10.30 Start pairs tournament Men up to […]

Livestream: Dutch Open 2020 On Friday, Saturday & Sunday

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Just like last year the Dutch Open 2020 will not only have a livestream on Sunday, but also on Friday and Saturday. Top players will be playing some of their matches on the livestreamed boards 1 to 5 and this will be broadcasted. We bring you all these livestreams below including a live scorecenter. Schedule […]

Phil Taylor Hits A Perfect 9 Darter In Soft Tip Tournament

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Earlier this week we informed you Phil Taylor will play at the Super Darts 2020 tournament in March 2020. This is a soft tip darts tournament and although Phil Taylor is a 16 times World champion in steel darts, he does know how to play soft tip. Below we show you footage of Phil Taylor […]

Ferrari, Mercedes And McLaren Started Their 2020 Engine 🔊

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Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren have fired up their 2020 engines and posted a video with sound. Below we bring you the sound of the Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault engine which will be used in Formula 1 season 2020. [adrotate banner=”7″] Mercedes engine Ferrari engine Renault engine [adrotate banner=”7″]

VIDEO: Darten wordt kinderspel met Klokko Darten Cheat Set 3000

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Probeer je al jaren om te darten op een beetje niveau, maar lukt het keer op keer niet? Dan hebben we nu dé oplossing met het Klokko Darten Cheat Set 3000. Bestel nu! 😂🎯 [adrotate banner=”12″] [adrotate banner=”7″]

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld Beats Colin Lloyd With 170 Checkout

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Raymond van Barneveld finished his last match at the Kings of Darts in Groningen in style. He did beat Colin Lloyd with a 170 checkout to win the match and got a great reaction by the crowd! [adrotate banner=”7″] Barney ends match in style Great reaction by crowd [adrotate banner=”8″]

VIDEO: These Guys Show Most Epic Way To Do A Driver Change

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When you compete in a long race which includes a driver change you can win or lose a lot of time. These guys found a solution to lose as less time as possible. Don’t blink your eyes or you will miss it. [adrotate banner=”12″] [adrotate banner=”7″]

Phil Taylor Will Be Back At Televised Tournament In March 2020

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Phil Taylor has retired as a professional darts player in January 2018. Now 2 years later he will be back in action at a professional televised tournament in March 2020 in Tokyo. He is invited as a special invitation player for Super Darts 2020 which will take part from Friday 13 March to Saturday 14 March […]

Bobby George And Michael van Gerwen Did Their Trickshot AGAIN

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We already showed you this video of Michael van Gerwen and Bobby George showing a dangerous trick shot at double 8 during the Kings of Darts in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. But they did it one more time and this time Mister Glitter put his fingers over double 19 and again it was the number 1 in the […]

VIDEO: Watch A Formula 1 Crash Test In Action

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Before the 2020 Formula 1 season starts all Formula 1 cars need to pass a safety crash test. Below we bring you footage of how these crash tests take place. [adrotate banner=”12″] These days they also need to test the Halo as a protection for the driver. Below we bring you footage how they test […]