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Van Gerwen Says Mensur Can’t Take Out 161 And Then This Happened

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Michael van Gerwen and Mensur Suljovic played an incredible game. The best moment of the game was when the Dutchman was throwing for the match but he said his opponent won’t be able to take out 161 and then this happened…

VIDEO: Chris Dobey Not Happy With Gary Anderson After Incident

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This afternoon Gary Anderson and Chris Dobey played each other at the PDC World Championship 2023. They are good friends but still there was an incident between the two of them and Dobey was unhappy with what The Flying Scotsman said to him. Interviewer: “Do you feel comfortable up here?” Chris Dobey: “I do, I […]

VIDEO: Jose De Sousa Has No Idea What He Is Doing With 71 Points Left

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We all know Jose de Sousa is a special guy and so he proved again in the first leg of today’s match. Watch what he does when he got 71 points left…

VIDEO: Van Gerwen Joking During Van Barneveld Motivation Speech

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In this Toto Dart Kings promo video we see Raymond van Barneveld with a motivation speech. But as always Michael van Gerwen is the one to make fun of this as seen in the video below. Raymond van Barneveld: “We have to be strong on this PDC World Championship because that is why we are […]

VIDEO: Van den Bergh Hits Two Bizarre Bull-Bull Shots In A Row

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During his game with Krzysztof Ratajski there was this bizarre leg by Dimitri van den Bergh. Watch the Belgium player hit two bizarre bull-bull shots in a row and finishing the game in style.

VIDEO: Van Duijvenbode & Van Gerwen Waking Up Barney With Hardcore Music

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In this Toto Dart Kings promo video Dirk van Duijvenbode and Michael van Gerwen play the hardcore music of Aubergenius. Watch them waking up Raymond van Barneveld.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Vincent van der Voort & Danny Noppert

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In this Toto Dart Kings promo video Danny Noppert and Vincent van der Voort are in training trying to master distraction. Watch this funny revenge by The Freeze after being called a ‘bungler’.

VIDEO: Ricky Evans World Record Attempt With This Fast 180

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Last night Ricky Evans had a go at the world’s fastest 180 ever. Watch him going for it during this match against Joe Cullen. It turned out to be a 180 in just 2.28 seconds! It’s really fast and close to a record but his fastest ever was in just 2.16 seconds. This happened during […]

Van der Voort About Menzies: “I Almost Knocked Him Out Backstage”

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Vincent van der Voort played against Cameron Menzies and the difference between the two players was like black and white. We have all seen it on stage but during the interview after the match Vincent van der Voort told to Dutch media he almost wanted to knock his opponent out as he kept on talking […]

VIDEO: Danny Jansen Goes For New Route From 170 Checkout

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Danny Jansen played against Krzysztof Ratajski at the PDC World Championship 2023. The Dutchman had a remarkable moment when he was going for a 170 checkout. Apparently there is another way we have never thought of before… 😉