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Fallon Sherrock Completes Three Bull Challenge In Just 10 Seconds

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These days there is a new challenge where you need to hit three bulls-eye’s with 3 darts in one shot. It started with Paul Nicholson who challenged Fallon Sherrock, Chris Dobey and Glen Durrant. Chris Dobey replied with a video and it took him only 7 attempts. Fallon Sherrock did beat him though as she […]

The Speed Difference Between F1 And WEC at Spa Francorchamps

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Formula 1 is fast but so is a WEC car. We wonder if such a car is able to keep up with a F1 car in a lap around Spa Francorchamps. We compare the 2019 pole lap by Charles Leclerc in his F1 Ferrari with the 2019 pole lap by Mike Conway in his car from […]

Gerwyn Price Hits 9-Darter LIVE On Instagram During Practice Session

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Gerwyn Price went live on Instagram last night showing his practice darts. He got over 500 viewers when he managed to hit a 9-darter! But there was an issue… He claims his phone died while he was live on Instagram so he wasn’t able to save the video. We do have some screenshots which we […]

Van Gerwen, Anderson & Aspinall Set A New Record In 125 Seconds

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Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Nathan Aspinall having a go at the 125 Seconds Challenge. They need to score as many points as possible raising money for charity Global’s Make Some Noise. They get 125 seconds trying to beat the score of 1.393 points set by Gurney, Smith and Price. Also watch: Gurney, Smith & Price […]

If You Can Make It To Level 10 In This Game You Are A Darts Master

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PDC player Matthew Edgar challenges you to have a go at this game. You start at level 1 and when you complete it you continue to level 2. The higher you go the harder it gets. Are you the Darts Masters who can make it to level 10? Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Takes Out Max Verstappen During Formation Lap

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Max Verstappen and Lando Norris having fun in iRacing these days. It is not all about serious battles as the McLaren driver decided to leave the formation lap and went full speed for taking out his Formule 1 colleague. Below we bring you footage of this moment including another moment when Norris again took out […]

Livestream: Saturday’s All-Star Esports Battle

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Today many professional drivers will race in a All-Star Esports Battle. Among these drivers will be Formula 1 drivers Max Verstappen, Nico Hülkenberberg, IndyCar drivers Tony Kanaan, Felix Rosenqvist, Juan Pablo Montoya, Ed Jones and many other F2, FE, WEC and professional gamers. Schedule Racing on Saturday March 21st 17:00 – Broadcast Live Pro Driver […]

Gurney, Smith & Price Raising Money For Charity With This Challenge

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To raise money for charity 9 PDC players will have an attempt in the 125 Charity Challenge. The first 3 who team up are Daryl Gurney, Michael Smith and Gerwyn Price. They get 125 seconds to score as much points as possible and each point is worth a pound for charity. Game on! Also watch: Van […]

Footage Of Remarkable Moment Showing Mercedes Using DAS System In 2018?!

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Mercedes has showed their new DAS system during the Testing Days in Barcelona. But is it new? While watching some old footage from 2018 this guy found a remarkable moment possibly showing Mercedes having used the DAS system before. What do you think?

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld Hitting 125 On Bulls-Eye On His Knees

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We already showed you this moment when Raymond van Barneveld thought he won the match during the DartsPlanet livestream. There was another moment when they decided to aim for the bull but they had to throw on their knees. Watch till the end! Also watch: Raymond van Barneved Wins Exhibition Match On His Knees