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VIDEO: The 180 Sound Of New PDC Referee Owen Binks

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During the UK Open 2023 new referee Owen Binks made his debut on live television. For many people it is already a familiar face on Players Championships. Now he also has a microphone in his hands and that means we can introduce you his 180 sound.

Livestream: NDB Wijchen 2023

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Today we will bring live footage from the stage matches at the NDB Wijchen.  

VIDEO: Ted Kravitz Says Max Verstappen Is Better Than Lewis Hamilton

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Ted Kravitz used to be negative about Max Verstappen which in the end turned into a ban from Red Bull last year. Today Kravitz surprised everybody when he claimed Max Verstappen is better than Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: New Episode Of Conor Moore With F1 2023 Teams

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We bring you the latest video of Conor Moore with impressions of the 2023 F1 teams.

VIDEO: Kim Huybrechts Head Injury After Bizarre Headbutt At Dartboard

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During the UK Open 2023 there was this bizarre celebration by Kim Huybrechts when he managed to beat Mike de Decker. He had this headbutt at the dartboard.

VIDEO: Josh Rock Hits This Blind 180 At The UK Open 2023

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During the first day of the UK Open 2023 Josh Rock showed a trickshot by performing this blind 180.  

VIDEO: F1 Fans Invade Circuit During Australian Grand Prix

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During the Australian Grand Prix there was this moment when people entered the circuit while the race wasn’t finished yet.

VIDEO: Never Before Seen Way To Hit A Checkout Of 18 Points In Darts

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During an episode of ‘TheDartsReferee vs Subscribers’ Ashley Coleman was invited. When subscriber Ricky Terry hit this 180 the reaction by Coleman was priceless. Watch how he ended the game with a never before seen 18 checkout.

VIDEO: Nathan Aspinall Got Hit By Part Of Stage Falling Down

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At the International Darts Open there was this strange moment when Aspinall got hit by a part of the stage. Watch this sign coming down on his head.

VIDEO: Fernando Alonso Takes Funny Revenge At Red Bull & Mercedes

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During the press conference after qualifying at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix there was this funny moment with Fernando Alonso. He takes revenge at Red Bull and Mercedes with this funny comment claiming it ‘Seems like everyone is Aston Martin now’.